Saturday, January 26, 2008

Project Runway

I'll be honest... I am fully addicted to Project Runway. I really am. From the first season, I've spent my Wednesday nights desperately looking for a TV with cable, no matter where we are.

To me, these designers have a talent I can barely wrap my head around. They take regular fabric and make these amazing things! Ok, sometimes they make amazing things.... A lot of times they make some awful things. My favorite designer of each season tends to be the most flamboyant one. Why is that? Jay from Season 1, Daniel from Season 2 (although, Santino was definitely more flamboyant that season!), and Christian from Season 4. The third season was omitted from my list, because, just like the current Republican Party Presidential Candidates, I just don't like any of them.

I can't design clothes, I just recently learned what Avant-Garde means (thanks wikipedia), and I am about as gay a Soviet Steelworker, but you will still catch me watching Project Runway on Wednesday night.


graciegirl said...

hahahaha i was watchin Project Runway re-runs last nite and i saw da episode wif this dress on it!!

i had to write a comment ;)

Bleah Briann said...

LOL really? That is so cool. Just recently discovered the show and am in love with it. :)