Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mowin the Lawn!

Well, I just mowed our new lawn for the first time.... Using one of THESE!!!

It's actually our bass player Daniel's mower, but he's been kind enough to let me hold onto it, as he just got one of those new electric mowers. What will they think of next? Electric Can Openers?

This mower is a good workout, it's cheap, and it's environmentally friendly... I'm not using any electricity or gas... So peak oil can come my way, and my lawn will still be trimmed! While I was mowing, my old-man neighbour George drove by and yelled, "It's about time!" I guess he felt my lawn was lowering his property value. When I'm old, I hope I'm not mean and grumpy.... CRUSTY, yes, but grumpy, no!


tiny GOLDFISHY said...

lawn mower is funny. rofl. =) you're really hilarious dude. save the planet one lawn at a time jon. one lawn at a time. !gillian

graciegirl said...

thas really funny that that "crusty" old man said that to you.....
the same thing happened to my dad when he was mowing the lawn @ our new house for the first time (in my own life...... teehee :P ).