Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday 2 Me

Yesterday was my 25th Birthday. I realize 25 isn't all that old in-and-of itself... But the implications that 25 carries for the future are pretty serious. It's halfway to 50... but much more immediately scary than that is that it's 5 years short of 30, which has always sort of been a universal "party's over" mark to me. I'm starting to get more comforable with the idea of 30, since I have some good friends that are well past 30, and I still think they're really living, and haven't become old men yet (rw for example).

I have noticed some changes in my life perspective though.....

The other day I drove past a highschool and thought.... "Look how young they are. I wasn't that young in high school..." Which, of course I was. I also noticed that they're kinda scary. Maybe I just happened to drive by Hot Topic High, but I don't remember quite that much eye makeup on the boys in my school.

I actually enjoy learning far more now than I did in high school. I guess it has something to do with studying things I actually want to know about... but there's definitely been a change in my thinking there. A few weeks ago I read a book about the last 60 years of American foreign policy. I was thrilled by it. That NEVER would have happenned 7 years ago in school. Wait, did I say 7 years? That went fast.

Then of course there's the fact that I'm married. That strikes me as unbelievable every now and then. Sometimes Jess or I will turn to the other and say, "We're Married", as if we have to somehow convince each other that it's true. Then Tilly jumps on me and scratches my face, and the moment is over. :)

All in all, I don't think I ever could have imagined a life so blessed. I have a wonderful wife, a job I love, lots of good relationships with good people (rw for example), and a more optimistic perspective on life than I've ever had before. I am a lucky boy... Ok, I'll say it. Man.

(p.s. I decided I wanted to mention RW 3 times in this post.... so.......... this is the third. )


Jenny said...

oh! happy one day late birthday then :)

Jenny said...

hey you like metro station?
i love metro station!


Jesi said...

i don't want to turn 25 in sept! haha.

hope you had a great day! :)


Collin&Joanna said...

Jon, you are a beautiful spirit. Love your way of writing life. So great... Blessings bro.


ChrisBCrazy said...

happy late birthday! :)

Jason said...

Jon, I can't believe that you think of 30 as "the party's over." Dude, like, I, like, am so, like, offended. I think.

Here's to my being 32, and the rockin-ist time I've had in, um, ah forget it.

Mind you, if 30 is your "We're going to have 12 kids by the time I hit 45" moment, then you've got a point.

Anonymous said...

RW? huh?