Sunday, June 1, 2008


A few weeks ago we finished up our Green Tee Tour, and we've been taking a little bit of time off over the last month.... *emphasis on little :) Last week we went on a cruise and played a few times, alongside a bunch of other Christian artists... Tobymac, Leeland, Casting Crowns, and loads more. It was our third time doing this kind of a cruise, and we had a blast. There is more food on those boats than you can imagine!

In a few days we start another run of the Baseball Tour! We'll be playing a few shows at minor league baseball games, similar to what we did last summer. However, we're on a new record, and we'll be playing plenty of new songs!

I've got one more week at home before we start out on this tour, and I'm going to be spending it wisely. Today, that means test driving one of THESE!

Oh, and I PROMISE that I'll blog more! I'm sorry! ..... I SAID I'M SORRY!

Gosh, you don't have to get so mad at me.

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Jenny said...

haha! i do that all the time "sorry! i said sorry! gosh don't get so mad at me!" well, different words also. haha. oh yeah, i forgive you =]

ohh you have a motorized scooter thinger! lucky! haha.

baseball tour! right! i didn't get to see you on your other baseball tour, just the green t tour.. i've been waiting for the baseball tour dates to be announced.. are they? oh, i'll just look on hawk nelsons myspace! :P

have a lovely one more week at home test driving your cool "one of THESE" things.. um.. haha.
xoxo, Jenny