Monday, June 9, 2008

That's hot...

It was so hot this weekend. Like, this hot.

or maybe this hot.

or maybe this hot.

PARIS? Didn't you try to patent that phrase? Oh, paris. So silly................ uh, I'll have a cheese coney and a diet cherry vanilla coke please.

So this weekend, as you can see, was hot. We played our first 3 baseball shows of the year, in Mobile, Birmingham, and Huntsville... it was humid and nearly 100 degrees. I'm surprised people came to these shows! Wow... talk about being troopers.

The best and worst thing about these baseball shows is the park dogs. Last year we played about 35 baseball games, and every day involved the same little ritual. I'd have a good old baseball park hot dog, and then say to myself... "ugh...I never want to touch one of those again." However, as sure as Taylor Hicks' therapist appointments, I'd wake up the next morning and think...

"You know, I could go for a good old park dog today!"


Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

really, its that hot? haha. it only goes up to 70 something degrees right now here in minnesota.
baseball tour, i wanna go, theres no dates in minnesota, so i want to go to the show in wisconsin. i didn't get to go to the baseball tour last year. haha.
oh yeah i do that too, eat something and then be like i'm never eating that again, and then eat another whatever i ate the next day or something. yeah,kbye.

Jenny said...

will hawk be having meet and greets on the baseball tour? and will you be at them? cause at the encounter last time, you weren't at the table. neither was justin.
that was my removed comment by the way. i wasn't done. haha.

Giggles said...

i'm not going to be at one of your baseball dates this summer
instead, you will see me at king's dominion and i shall come with my lola in tow
and then i shall show you the cover to "impatience my dear"
i finally tweaked it just right so that i could play it prettifully on my acoustic
doesn't really do the original justice
but, i heart you jon!

HNlover1bby said...

The show in Mobile was amazing.
Considering that it was the only HN concert that i have been to, and it will probably be the last one until next year where you play in Mobile again. Which makes me very depressed.

I am really glad that you used my picture in your blog! Well, it's Hannah's picture, but I stole it from her, so technically I guess it's mine.

I'm really happy that you were outside of the suite and you signed my shoe. I actually saw Jason go into the first suite when all of us were going back to our seats, and I figured that the whole band was in there, so when we left, we walked all of the way to end where that suite was, and I didn't see anyone in there, so I was kind of sad, so when I saw you outside of the VERY LAST suite, I got excited, and I saw everybody in there!
I'm really ecstatic that you and Jason signed my shoe!

megan.beebe. said...

haha. i went to the concert in mobile it was seriously 100 degrees. i was standing right behind the speaker a little to your left.

greeeat concert. we ran into daniel a few times during the game... it was great.

you actually signed my shirt "jonathan allan steingard".