Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Love Adam Taylor

This is Adam Taylor... our beloved merch guy / tour existentialist.

As long as he's around, we don't need TV, movies, or video games.
The following are examples of actual questions he's asked me...

"Hey, What if the earth was flat and nobody told us?"

"Hey, Do you think colors really exist?"

"I believe in bigfoot. Why couldn't there be a bigfoot?"

"I don't get weather. How can it always be humid in portland, and always dry somewhere else?"

"If someone paid you $10,000 to not shower for a whole tour, would you do it?"

"Dude, time travel is totally possible. Why does nobody believe me?"


Jenny said...

sounds pretty entertaining.
hahahah! those questions are funny. especially the one "hey what if he earth was flat and no one told us?" one :P

Giggles said...

i'm going to have to see him at your next show and ask him one of my own questions

kathy said...

haha. those questions are quite funny. but seriously would you go a whole tour without showering for 10,000 dollars?