Monday, July 7, 2008


It's days like today that make atheism seem so implausible to me. I don't see how anyone could seriously doubt the existence of God if they had a day like I did today.

It all started with craigslist. I constantly peruse the nashville craigslist for smokin deals on musical gear and so forth... and I had found a guy that had a road case that I needed, while I had a road case that he needed. Perfect world, right?

So we agreed to meet at the Nashville Guitar Center.... and when we did, I discovered that my newly-acquired case DOES NOT FIT in my car. I tried everything.. I even considered strapping it to the roof. I don't know why I ever thought that such a big case would fit in a JETTA, but I did. Silly me, I know.

I finally decided to leave the case at guitar center, and travel 20 miles back to Franklin, where our band van is parked, pick up the van, drive it BACK to guitar center, and then BACK to Franklin again. The idea of going to such great lengths for this case wasn't exactly appealing, but I didn't see an alternative.... So I made the arrangements with the guitar center dude, and headed out the door back to my car.... When, who should I run into?


This is our drummer, Justin... Yes, he his handsome, and his personal hygiene is WELL above board.....

Now, Justin has more positive traits than I could possibly list, but in that moment, there is one trait that I was interested in more than any other.... He drives an SUV.

Justin "Thank You Jesus" Benner had just HAPPENED to be walking into guitar center when I walked out. Neither of us go to guitar center very often, and if our timing had been just a few seconds off, we might never have run into each other.

If I wasn't a believer already, I sure would be now.



The Neeleys said...

I totally didn't know Justin was your new drummer. Crazy! Hope you are well!


megan.beebe. said...

wow. God's amazing. this just proves it. i once heard someone say, "i can't believe enough to be atheist." think of how much it would take to believe in so many "coincidences."

-megan danielle.