Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mulch Mulch Mulch

Our garden (if you can call it that) at home was getting a little out-of-control.... I do most of the yardwork at our house, and when I'm gone a lot playing shows it starts to look a little.... sad. It had been neglected long enough to almost completely grow over with weeds.

So Jess and I spent 2 hours in the scorching sun (during the hottest part of the afternoon, so there were no shadows, and i could take THESE PICTURES) weeding and cultivating the soil. We had brought home a few bags of mulch from Lowe's, and this was the result!

It's amazing what $20 worth of mulch and a couple hours of gardening will get you:

A sunburn and the knowledge that as a homeowner, you'll have to do this a couple times a year.



Giggles said...

wow...so, you saved the Steingard lawn...woohoo! =) that's pretty awesome. but sunburn is the complete opposite of that. that's gotta bite, ya know?

Michael said...

You'll have to share your gardening tips with me. I don't remember what I learned at the Yellow house.

Good job!