Monday, August 25, 2008

Airports with Free Internet

My current list of airports with free internet:

san diego
las vegas

Anybody remember any other ones?



Michael said...


Anonymous said...

i think lacrosse. but you probably wouldnt know that cuz you guys have never played in lacrosse! LOL!

Anonymous said...

ummm i think the west palm beach airport does...Denver does but you put that one on already....ummm....I dont think the airports in DC do but I dont know...i should i fly into them enough :). l know I've flown in to a number of airports that do but i cant think of an others at the moment

oh i think the airport in taipei, taiwan has free internet and maybe hong kong but im not positive...just in case ur ever randomly there :)

Josh said...

Im pretty sure Charlotte, NC does!

Ida said...

BWI international airport
Reagen International Dulles/Washington DC International I travel a lot...

Leif Skartland said...

I found a link that has all the airports with free internet:

DaveM said...

Charlotte, NC
Spokane, WA