Friday, August 22, 2008

Doppio Espresso Over Ice

I've stumbled upon something that is apparently somewhat controversial:

The Starbucks Doppio Espresso Over Ice.

When you order an iced espresso drink from Starbucks, you generally get 3 main ingredients: Espresso, Ice, and some form of milk or cream. Sure, there's often syrup and maybe some caramel drizzle, but you're mostly getting Espresso, Ice, and Milk. How much is your drink? For a grande, about $4.

Now, if you're not too hung up on that syrup or drizzle, then you can order a "Doppio Espresso Over Ice" which is just 2 shots of espresso over ice. Then you walk over to the condiment bar, and pour in a touch of milk or cream. This gets you an iced espresso drink for less than $2.

I actually like the taste of the espresso, so I just add a TOUCH of half and half and some splenda... but some people go to TOWN, and order 2 shots of espresso in a Venti cup so they can add loads of milk, and have a full-out iced espresso drink.

These people are essentially getting a $4 drink for $2.

Now, are they just being smart about it, or is this "cheating"? Some would argue that it's "working the system", and that makes it wrong.

But what if I just like a simple iced espresso? And what if I like that it only costs $1.85?

Personally, I figure Starbucks can look out for themselves, and if this is an order they are willing to take, then I'm happy to place it. If I go to Starbucks at least once a day, I'm sure I'm helping their business more than hurting it.

I bet Dave Ramses and Ralph Nader could get behind me and just call it being an educated consumer. They'd be right there with me ordering a Doppio Espresso Over Ice... and they'd be paying CASH.

That's what I think. What do YOU think?



Rachel George said...

good to know lol

Ida said...

I LOVE STARBUCKS!!!!!! I wish I could go everyday......

Jenny said...


i love starbucks.
try caramel frappuccino.. they're oh so tastey :)

Jason Cole said...

Come on guys, what's with the comments? The man asked what you THINK about his moral dilemma. Although, I would say that Rachel agrees with you.

Yeah, I think that it's cheating, but speaking from the perspective of a true coffee lover, I also think that the cost of coffee is insane. Math: $4/day minimum X 20 days every month = $80/mth. That means ONE serious coffee drinker more than pays for one employee shift every month. Let's say five employees/day = 150 serious customers meet employee salaries/mth. Of course there is overhead and supplies, but come on: over 150 customers are rolling through every day.

Hey, if you figure it's a good way to stick it to the man, knock yourself out. Starbucks pays employees approx. min. wage, and refuses to purchase Fair Trade coffee (in Canada). They use some lame excuse about "Not being able to afford the price of the coffee." Yeah right. All five of the independents I habitually haunt use Fair Trade, and their coffee doesn't cost any more than StarBs. Whatever Sb may have started out as, the corporate attitude has got its icy fingers firmly around the theoretical throat. Perhaps that's why they are struggling. What goes around...

For myself, I'm not gonna do it. If I'm in the store, I'm agreeing to the prices. But go to town, dude! There will probably be a policy in place soon enough.

Lindsay said...
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Lindsay Beals said...

I personally thought this was brilliant.