Friday, August 15, 2008

Sarah Silverman Sighting

So I'm strolling through our hotel today, and who should I see but Sarah Silverman. If you don't know who this is, you're leading a blessed life, but I was still a little enthused to see a "celebrity".

I'm gonna be honest, she looked haggard. She was wearing a flannel shirt that Eddie Vedder would gush over, and she was rockin some real bad hair. Maybe it was intentional... I did make eye contact (I had to be sure it was her!), and she gave me the "oh gosh please don't come over and talk to me" look. I left her alone. She probably would have cussed me out if I approached her anyways. That girl has a mouth filthy enough to make Borat blush.



Anonymous said...

lol yeah sorry idk who she is but thats funny i have never seen any celebrity before! but it is good you did not approach her that would be bad! lol

Ida said...

I don't who she is... I have seen speakers and artists running around Creation Festival and that's about it... But I have met many..

Jenny said...

oh i know who she is.
shes in school of rock.. shes annoying no offense. haha. and other movies that i've seen also but i don't remember which ones. anyway.
ha the "word verification" this says "eww" then "ld" but it says eww. hah.

Anonymous said...

sweet. i don't know who she is, but she's a celebrity, so that is pretty cool