Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Hate Being Right All The Time

Nashville is out of Gasoline.

I just flew in from Dallas, to find that nearly every gas station in Nashville is out of gasoline. Apparently, in the wake of Hurricane Ike, supplies were running short, but were going to last without too much trouble... that's until the local media (read: amateur hour journalists) reported to that Nashville was only hours away from being out of gas.

So what do the lovely people of Nashville do? They ALL head to the pumps and fill up their tanks. By the time I landed tonight, EVERY station was empty. That's what we like to call a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thanks, the Tennessean!

So, this is what I did when Jess and I got home... I stole gas from my lawn mower gas can. Times are desperate.

I managed to find a station that has gas, but is closed for the night. Jess and I are getting up at 5am to hit up this station.... It'll be a lovely morning that, I'm quite sure, will bring the two of us much closer. :)

I've been talking about peak oil, energy crises, and oil depletion for years. Sure, Ike threw us off, but we wouldn't have a problem surviving it if our demand for gasoline wasn't scraping the ceiling of what we can make available to the public.... Not to mention the HUNDREDS-OF-BILLIONS-OF-DOLLARS of taxpayer money that was used to prop up the entire structure US Economy, but that's another rant.

Stay tuned to our Gasoline adventure tomorrow morning!



Anonymous said...

thats horrible...I hope yall are able to get gas. I remember driving to New Orleans after Katrina hit (we went down with a truck load of stuff the day after) and we had to bring a big like 100 gallon tank in back of the truck because you couldn't get gas unless you were working with a relief organization. I remember we filled up with gas right as a station was running was sad....but yeah i hope yall get gas soon :D. Have a good day!

Jenny said...

that sucks.
lol "stay tuned to our gasoline adventure tomorrow morning"
oh gee, getting up at five? i was still up at five.. haha. i'm not usually, just last night.. or morning. anyway!

Rachel said... now I'm not as depressed about living in California......