Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Heart YouTube

I absolutely love YouTube. There is so much great stuff to watch on there!

This morning I found a video of a band called 3DaysRisen performing our song "Friend Like That". Stuff like this is so fun to watch...

Thanks for playing our song, guys! We're honored!

This is literally how we all got our start... We used to play songs at our home churches back in Canada. I think a lot of great bands start out this way... And hey, we still play on flatbed trailers from time to time!

Last spring, while we were on our spring tour, there was a band of young guys that had learned our song "The One Thing I Have Left". We brought them on stage to play it during our encore. I took a video of it, but I can't find it now, and I'm super bummed! I'm gonna try to dig it up, cuz it was awesome!

Thank you to everyone that makes us feel special by learning our songs!



Giggles said...

ahaha...this is good stuff

Jenny said...

i heart youtube also.
dang can't watch any videos, sounds being stupid.
yeah, dig it up, i wanna see it please! haha.