Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Site Layout / Atlantis EP

Hey Guys...

I'm formatting this site a little differently... I want to put more kinds of content up through YouTube, Flickr, and a few other places, so I've provided links above to my pages on these other sites. Also, there will be an album page up shortly... That's where you can go for information on my new album!

The Atlantis EP is the name of the 3 song EP that I will be giving away for free. It will be up for download on November 11th... in ONE WEEK! So stay tuned...

I'm also setting a tentative release date for the record... Tuesday December 2nd... So mark your calendars... and remember, it will be available as an INSTANT download through this website!



Kathy said...

ooo...first comment. love the new layout and links to your other things. Will be on here next Tuesday to get that EP.

Jenny said...

ooh! one week, awesome.
and december 2nd, awesome also!
buuuut! what about your old music?
jonathan. i was going to buy those the other day, but you already took them down or whatever.
please. can i still buy them?
i like impatience my dear, and all those songs you had on your myspace before. !!

graciegirl said...

the different layout is nice. the pic at the top: i like the edit you did to it.

Giggles said...

november eleventh is my birthday
my eighteenth flippin birthday
you don't know how exciting this is

Heidi said...

Sweet! Cant wait. And i really like the new layout.