Monday, November 24, 2008


Well folks, I'm finally done this record.... It is now available as an mp3 download through my website.

I've also added another song to the previews available on the front page of my blog. Listen to "Everything / To Lose Myself" right here.

I somewhat feel like I haven't stepped outside my front door since I started working on this record, so its completion comes with a slight sense of relief. I can go hang out and have friends again! haha.

I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

If anyone has any trouble at all purchasing or downloading the record, please email me at




Lauren said...

thank you so much for providing the EP free, and for continuing to supply me with audio crack :) I am buying Under the Canopy today, and I know it will not disappoint. Thanks for making yourself and your music so accessible to listeners. I have all of your stuff so far, and I love every second of it.

Jenny said...

haha have fun stepping out your door again!
i can't get it right now. gotta wait til i go home,
i don't wanna download it on my sisters computer haha.
i will get it as soon as i get to my own computer.
i'm listening to your song now. its good (:
oh yeah thanks

Jenny said...

oh yeah, actually i have to wait til i get money if i am buying fox run also. haha. cause i don't want to wait for fox run, i have already been waiting forever. and always when i wait to getan oldish cd, it dissapears. haha.
but i'll probably get it real soon.

Z-Girl said...

hmmm...I may have o add this to my Christmas list:) lol!
Can't wait!!

Ida said...

YAY!!! This is awesome! It's a good thing I got my Christmas money early! On the bad side I'm not at home on my computer.... Your music is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

abbi said...

I've listened to it through several times now - great work! I really love the sound... it feels slightly reminiscent of waking ashland (especially '1983'). Really fabulous overall!

Lindsey said...

The album I've been anticipating since your Fox Run album. Woohoo! You rock every stitch in my homesewn socks, Mr. Steingard

way to be you!

Olivier said...

Thanks for the free EP. I'm listening to it now :)