Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let me Update Ya.

Ahhhhhh....... (that's the sound of me leaning back on my couch, kicking my feet up on my coffee table, and smiling)

It's been a great week. I spent a quick few days up in Canada, visiting my family and helping my parents pack up and move to a new home. It's been so awesome to be near my parents and brother and sister. It's funny to see where some of my habits come from.

We came back to Nashville, and there was nearly 6 inches of snow on the ground! Of course, Nashville drivers have absolutely no idea how to drive in bad weather, so there were accidents everywhere. Our own exit off the freeway was blocked by a tractor trailer that slid off the road. We waited half an hour for a tow truck to pull it out.

I spent most of yesterday playing with our new espresso machine... my family sent me home with it as a Christmas present, and it's awesome! I think I had 3 lattes yesterday. I started to feel weird after the third... I gave it a rest after that.

Another new thing in my life is a brand new Kroger across the street from my house! It's been open for 3 days now, and I've been going at least twice a day. It's funny how often you go to the grocery store when it's right across the street. Plus, they've been giving out free stuff to the first 500 customers every morning. Yesterday = Pizza. Today = Flowers. I wonder what they're giving out tomorrow!

Anyways... There is a little status update full of useless facts.... Not too much is going on until after Christmas when we start up with more shows again.... We've got some great plans in the new year!



Ida said...

Nice. I'm dying to get some snow, 0.25 inches is not enough. We don't have Kroger's where I live. But I do live close to a little country, family owned store that is a 5 minute walk away. HaHa.

christena said...

that would be really cool to have a grocery store across the street! whenever you're hungry, and you don't want anything that you already have at home, you could get anything there, instead of driving halfway across town. that happens frequently at my house. seriously, that'd be so convenient. you're lucky

graciegirl said...

i wish Kentucky had that much snow. we got about a 30 minute flurry yesterday that didnt stick to the ground at all and thats it! you all are really lucky..........

Jenny said...

lol "ahhhhhh"

gee that sucks for the nashville drivers. hahaa.

awesome, free pizza haha. krogers? where jason bought "pancake mix" for peter? hahaha. "POUND CAKE?!"

britney said...

i know how it is i lived in ohio for four years yup twas awesome!!! :D

lindsayriceoxley said...

Man I wish you lived across from the Kroger I worked at...I've never gotten a chance to talk to you at any gigs I've seen you at...Hope YOU'RE going our tour soon with your solo stuff...It's so much better than HN... comment back when you get the chance...if you do.