Friday, January 30, 2009

Getting Out Of Hand

I spent most of last week in the studio tracking guitars for the next hawk record (due out in July!). It's been a ton of fun so far. This picture is of some of the pedals we were using on a lead guitar part. Things got a little out of hand with effects. Haha. As a good friend of mine once said, Rock and Roll is ugly.

We're back out on winterjam now, playing Cincinnati last night. It was SO cold! There was a lot of snow and ice, so I'm thankful for the thousands that made it out to the show!

Now, I had a disturbing thing happen last night... I got back on the bus after the show, crawled into bed, and started to drift off to sleep. As I was sailing off to dreamland, I heard a voice...... "Why is Jon's suitcase still in the dressing room?"

You're kidding me!!!!!

I had to get out of bed, get redressed, put shoes on, and walk through the snow and ice to get my bag out of the dressing room inside the venue. Miserable.

Not a perfect world.
- Taken at 11:06 AM on January 30, 2009 - iPhone upload by ShoZu


Lyss said...

Oh yay. I hate it when I forget stuff like that, which I seem to do alot.
And already for July!?!?!?!? I'm so excited!!

Tisha. said...

oh man! that would suck! atleast you didnt forget it. im so excited for july!!! XD

Jenny said...

yay my birthday is in july haha

emily- said...

dang. sorry about your suitcase. hahah. JULY!!!! THATS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! lol. i screamed when i read that no joke. (=

Kathy said...

haha...I just had to scream.
I found out the day you guys are at lifest today...and now the cd release month.
just wondering is it in the early part or later part of the month of July?
My b-day is the last day of July.

SwissGirl said...

ahhh! I hate cold weather!!!!! IT IS THE WORST! At least it was snowing where i live it just gets freezing cold and u never c one snow flake! HMMMMM.. how does that work out?

graciegirl said...

i hate when i leave something important like that!

july huh?........... neato! cant wait!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jonathan, that's great that you guys are making a new album, just let me say this. Please take your time. I would love to see a new album soon, but please take the time to make it good. I'm a huge Hawk Nelson fan, and I love all of your albums. just please take the time to make it good like you guys have always done Thanks,

--Hawk Nelson Fan.