Friday, January 2, 2009

Playing With Amy Grant at Creation East 2008

One of my best memories from 2008 was playing the Creation East festival with Amy Grant.

On stage, she joined us on our song "One Little Miracle", and then we played 4 of her songs as her band. It was one of the best moments of our career so far as Hawk Nelson.

Here is the proof that it happened!



Ida said...

I saw that concert.... I actually saw the beginning of it and went back to camp, because I got bored. Then I heard you playing One Little Miracle and flipped out because I didn't know you were gonna play that song and nobody go with me to watch.. But I did see the Hawk concert in VIP seating front row. Loved every minute of it.

christena said...

that's pretty cool. i wish i could have been there

Emily said...

That was the highlight of my summer seeing you guys and then meeting all of you and amy grant! :] it was awesome!!!
can't wait for creation 09!
<3 emily

Anna Gray said...

I saw you and your band at Winter jam '07.... You guys are so awesome! I saw Jason bring up the girl and let her play the cuzoo. This year I have already decided that I WILL get a front row seat at the Greensboro Coliseum for Winter Jam. Could you please go to my blog and leave a comment, it can be anything, my blog is

-Anna Gray :D