Saturday, January 31, 2009

Revolve Tour OK City

Waking up at 4am is no good for anyone.

Not a bad way to be picked up!

The OK City Crowd

Justin Gettin Primed

This is the look Rob gives me if I hit a wrong note!

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graciegirl said...

u look REALLY tired! hehe. hopefully you can get more sleep next time!!

Anonymous said...

I had to wake up 4am once just to go to the beach and dig clams and I got to bed around 1am! it was horrible and it felt like we were driving all night in a packed car with 7 people in it... at least I had coffee with me. My parents said we're never going to do that again. xDD

SwissGirl said...

WOW you look exhausted!! I am sorry!! lol I have stayed up till for but the earlyist I have ever gotten up was at 5:00 am and that is plenty early for me!

Flash said...

O sweet! I'm sooooo going to the rock and worship roadshow in april! I'm counting the days, you'll recognise me, can I bring my guitar for you to sign? that would be awesome.

Jenny said...

ew 4 am. haha.

haha the look rob gives you :P

Amy V said...

Rob seems like an amazing guy! haha!

Anonymous said...

even when you wake up at 4am you still look cute haha