Friday, February 20, 2009

Steve Wilson Makes Me Smile

This is Steve Wilson... We are big Steve fans. He's producing our upcoming record, and it is going very well! We heard the first song mixed last night (compliments of mix legend J.R. McNeely), and it is fantastic.

As time goes on, I think we're starting to figure out who we are as a band. It's like growing up... You spend the first few decades if your life trying to figure out who you are, and who you want to be. Being in a band is like that. Some bands figure things out earlier than others. For us, I feel like we've kinda been searching for the first three records.With every new album, we learn a lot about what we want to be, and what we don't. We try new things on each album... Some work (bring em out), some don't (fourteen). We've embraced good humour (hello), and gotten serious (one little miracle). We've been a punk band (letters to the president), and we've been a rock band (you have what I need).

I'm not downplaying the work we've done in the past... I think we've worked hard on each record, had some great times, and been priviledged with really great fans!

I just mean that there's something special about these songs. One of them is a true ballad, unlike anything we've had before. Take me, everything you ever wanted, zero, one little miracle, and arms around me all feel like power ballads in comparison. Another is a great rock anthem.... Having said all that, the most surprising song so far is the one I heard completed last night. It's called Live Life Loud, and I think it's the most fun we've ever had in a song. It is SO fun. I can't wait for you to hear it.

Justin, Dan, and Jason all did a fantastic job. Jas is singing like I've never heard him sing before. I'm so proud of that guy!

Anyways, I wanted to give you a little studio update. Can't wait for you to hear the new songs!



Kathy said...

ooo...first comment(and probably first read). I am so excited to hear the new record. So excited to see you guys this summer. Can't wait to see you perform a few of these songs in person.

Jenny said...

whats wrong with fourteen? haha.
oh when smile, its the end of the world came out, hello was my favorite song (and bring em out), and the kazoo part haha.

i can't wait for me to hear it too!
all of the songs. july is far away! haha.

tyler said...

whats wrong with fourteen?

is the new album gonna have some of the old punk vibe or more of the pop rock stuff?

Killian said...

i cant wait to hear the album it sounds awesome :) even though i live in ireland and hawk nelson records are no where tobe seen here im definately gunna still get it :) best of luck jon..

Time and Confusion said...

oh boy.. New stuff
You are getting me way to excited ;D
I can't wait!! like Jenny says though. July is far away. ;/

Can't wait to hear the new stuff
and also seeing you guys March 14th on Winterjam. Excited ;D

*:.Jesi.:* said...

steve wilson makes you smile
jonathan steingard makes me smile :)
this blog made me super super super SUPER excited. i can't even handle it.
as a fan i've definitely seen growth and i simply cannot wait to see what comes next!!! thanks for the update!!!!

Ida said...

I think I found my new favorite song, despite the fact I've never heard. Live Life Loud is my motto!!!!! Haha.. This is great!
Can't wait to see you guys at Creation. I won't be able to make Winter Jam in Norfolk! So sad! I'm totally stoked for the record!

Alyssa said...

I'm so excited to hear them!! And by the way, I love Fourteen, so I guess it worked some way.

Heidi said...

I cant wait to hear the new album. :). I know its gunna be great.

christena said...

wow. i really can't wait for the new album. it really sounds like you're proud of it, so i'm sure it'll be awesome. and like everyone else said, what's wrong with Fourteen? it's such a beautiful song....

graciegirl said...

thats really cool how you have said you all are sort of finding yourself as a band. it sounds like this record is gonna be a great 1 and prolly the best 1 you all make! i cant wait for it! :D

Amy V said...

I love Fourteen! I used to listen to that song constantly, but I can see what you mean. Zero is still my absolute favorite! I can't wait to hear the new song!!! I love you and the guys soo much!

Christine said...

ugh i am sooo excited!!
how i found this.. lol i told my friend my dream that you guys released a new album, but no one knew until just a few days before, so it was a surprise thing... lol and so in rl my friend linked me to your blog xD gah i'm so excited!!! but why is this the only place where we can find out bout it? lol... is it rly a surprise? haha that'd rock xD also it'd rock if it had a song titled "Dakota" on it.. cuz in my dream ... there was . haha. lolz sorry for superlong comment xD