Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hoover Dam / Las Vegas

Daniel, Justin, and I ventured to the Hoover Dam today.... it was my first time seeing this amazing American landmark!

Hoover Dam Experience

Hoover Dam Experience

It's a pretty incredible sight. The other impressive thing about the visit was the GIGANTIC bridge they're building over the canyon for the new freeway. When it's finished, it will span all the way across. This thing is HUGE. Pictures don't do it justice. Driving across it will be a trip once it's finished!

Hoover Dam Experience

Hoover Dam Experience

The water was clearly a LOT lower than usual when you looked out over Lake Mead... It's so hard to imagine how much water this dam holds back...

Hoover Dam Experience

Check out my flickr site for a few more photos..

Overall our time in Las Vegas was pretty great!

This town is a bit of a quirky visit. Driving through the strip is a combination of awe and sadness for me. I'm astounded by the scale of some of the things that have been built here.... the immensity of it all... but saddened by the clear obsession with wealth. In this town, monuments are built to our greed. It's not just wealth that's worshipped.... but also those that are the most effective at accumulating it.

If nothing else, it's an encouragement for me to do my best to live simply. It's the extreme example of where the love of money above all else takes people. I don't think it's bad to have money, I just think the more you have, the more complicated your life becomes.

Dave Ramsey would NOT like it here!



*:.Jesi.:* said...

we crossed over the dam around 4:30 am so i made christina stop so i could take pics. :) mine aren't amazing like yours though since it was dark. haha.

today was my first time in vegas. i will say it was a neat experience--but a lot to take in. i'm just amazed at the amount of casinos....but seeing the strip with it's lights off for Earth Hour was definitely incredible.

seeing it definitely made me appreciate how simple my life is. haha. so i agree with you on that...keep it simple.

and the word 'quirky' makes me laugh so much lately. wonder why? ;)

ChrisBCrazy said...

um yeah...the hoover dam at 4:30am was very interesting. glad to see photos of it in daylight! great shows this week! :)

Carrie said...

Someone else who's actually heard of Dave Ramsey! Wow!

Christine said...


Ida said...

so pretty! now i understand your twitter!!! haha...

graciegirl said...

those pics are really cool! it seems like it was a neat experience for you. i cant handle big open places like that but i bet it would still be pretty fun to see!

Jenny said...

that bridge looks cool. haha.
and i like the photo you took of the water for some reason. (:

beanie237 said...

omg dave ramsey WOULD hate it!! my dad has a new obsession with him, so i'm guessing we won't be taking a trip down there anytime soon! =)

the dam is pretty sweet! now i have to see it in person after the bridge is built =)

Anonymous said...

Ok so is the huge white line on the water level picture, is that from where the water was before??