Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Boring Boring Everything is Boring

Andrew breaking the law.

I'll admit it, Tour Buses really are a great way to travel. There's a bunk for you to sleep in, 2 TVs, a mini kitchen, bus internet (wireless of course), and lots of other little perks. Overall, it beats flying, and destroys driving in a van.

However, it can't make the drive from Las Vegas, NM, to Amarillo, TX, any less BORING than it is. It also can't do much to salvage the Amarillo, TX, to Baton Rouge, LA, drive we're gonna do tonight/tomorrow.

Ah, yes, the I-40 almost all the way. A long, boring drive. Andrew, our driver, is hauling this bus as fast as he possibly can. That means he doesn't even KNOW how fast he's going. We all just want to get through it as fast as possible.

I don't mean to be down on anyone that lives here (looking at the window, it doesn't appear that anyone does), but this part of the country is desolate! I never thought I'd be so excited to actually arive in Amarillo. It's like being so bored, you'd be willing to watch Tyra.



Kelly said...

hahaha, the last line cracks me up!

SwissGirl said...

lol i am sorry one time we had to drive from FL to NC one day and then drive ALL THE WAY BACK like two days later!!!! That WAS NOT FUN!

ChrisBCrazy said...

80 in a tour bus...that's scary.

jesi was pumped when it was 75 in utah, and when it turned to 80 i thought she was going to die.

graciegirl said...

haha thats bad.

Keela said...

oh my gosh Jonathan Steingard! i love tyra banks!!! i watch her everyday... you know you loved it don't lie lol

Ida said...

nice Jon, nice.. I feel you though!!!!!!! i've driven from Indiana to Florida and from Maryland to Indiana.. But we drive in a van, not a tour bus... I'm jealous... :)

K[R!ot] said...

ha nice line there.
well Tyra Banks is amazing.. I am with Keela on that one.

I hope that boredom goes away fast.
have funn

*:.Jesi.:* said...

since when is las vegas in new mexico? :)

i'm so nice.

can't wait to hear what exciting things you find once you arrive in amarillo....(i'm being sarcastic)

Liz said...

you guys are coming to Amarillo and you're not doing a concert?! that's too bad I would have loved to see ya'll play.

Emily said...

that happened to me when we drove down to Canada for a school trip. our bus broke down like three times and it took us like an extra 13 hours on a completely full middle shcool bus! i have to admit thought it was worth it!

Christi said...

Hey now. I live in Albuquerque and you have family that lives in Albuquerque. What are we? Chopped liver? Geez Louis Jon I may have to stop loving you, you are so mean to me. ;)

Just kidding I know the drive can be boring and just think with your new scooter you can ride up and down the length of the bus and annoy the heck out of everyone else on the bus. That will give you at least 22.5 minutes of pure enjoyment. :)

tyler said...

Mystery speed! Jody's van had one of those too.