Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Got a Light?

Over the course of the first few months of 2009, we've been a part of 2 full tours.... Winterjam and The Rock & Worship Roadshow. We've played nearly 60 shows from West Coast to East, and there was a combined attendance of around half a million people at all those shows. Wow. No wonder I'm a little tired.

Anyways... I wrote a few days ago about all the lights and cryo that we carry around. Sure, I was using that stuff as a metaphor, but taking it literally works too. Haha. In any case, I found a video on YouTube of all that stuff at work during the show... and I've gotta say.... WORTH IT! Haha.

It's interesting to watch videos like this, because this is an un-edited, un-polished video taken from the audience. I never get to see things from this point of view, so it might be more fun for me than you...
but it is fun for me. :)

"ooooooohhhh bright!"



Alyssa said...

I love the lights at the show. They're absolutely amazing. I just hope I get to see it again soon.:)

beffy said...

i LOVE these lights!!!! i can hear you singing in the background... and that's good :) keep doing what you do for the lord!

sorry to go all deep n mushy... you wouldn't understand if i explained it :)

Michelle said...

wow! thoes are bright!!! :D

Markus said...

Hey Jon, it's Markus

I love that video, ha. I didn't realize those particular lighting rigs belonged to you... I guess I should have realized it when I saw them both at WinterJam and the Roadshow. And for lack of any better phrase to describe it: "pretty...."

Anyways, keep it up and enjoy your time off


Anonymous said...

I always love the lighting you guys have in the show! :]