Friday, April 10, 2009

PRS Domination Station

Here are a few of us guys on this tour with our PRS guitars....

PRS Guitarists Unite!

PRS Guitarists Unite!

From Left to Right...

Mike Scheuchzer of Mercy Me with an SC245,
Barry Graul of Mercy Me with an SC245,
Jonathan Steingard of Hawk Nelson with a Mira,
Randy Williams of Jeremy Camp's Band with a Singlecut Hollowbody,
Andy Davis of Jeremy Camp's Band with an SE One,
and Jeff Owen of Tenth Avenue North with an SE Soapbar.

Wow. I feel short. And grinny.



beffy said...

Jon, you're not short, you're fun size!!!!

graciegirl said...

thats funny beffy!
thats alot of PRS's! i have tried to find one at almost every music store i've been to but i still havent come across one. now theres so many in one place! fine!

just kidding :P

Anonymous said...

Jon u have every right to be smiley- those guitars are sweet!

Michelle said...

Thats pretty awesome!
haha beffy :)

Ida said...

Beffy got that line from facebook..
Jon you aren't short, you're average, they're all tall! Nice pics..

Jenny said...

i was going to say you look short haha

beffy said...

ida i don't even HAVE a facebook!!!!!!!! lol