Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PRS Singlecut Hollowbody

I recently started playing a Singlecut Hollowbody from Paul Reed Smith guitars... I wanted to play it a few shows before writing a few thoughts, and now that I have... so here are some thoughts.

The first thing that came to my attention with this guitar is the finish. Wow. Immaculate. PRS has always had a way with finishes, and this guitar is no different. The bookmatched maple top is flawless. The attention to detail in the finish is matched in the inlays and binding. Then I picked it up... and my jaw hit the floor. This is the lightest guitar I've ever held. It is so light, I was a little scared to strap it on and play it... but when I did, it fit VERY comfortably. That's another detail that PRS is great at.... When you put on a PRS, it just fits your body right.

Once I started playing, I experienced a whole other level of intrigue. The guitar is more than semi-hollow... It's completely hollow except for a block under the bridge. It responds with so much character when you play it. The warmth and fullness is just juicy. When the volume is pulled back, it maintains a lot more character than most guitars. When others would get thin, it stays warm.... Wonderful!

The tuners hold pitch incredibly (as you'd excpect from PRS), and the rest of the hardware is just as great. The pots are smooth, and the switches feel solid. It comes in a SWEET plush case as well.

If you're interested in a hollowbody... DEFINITELY check out the Singlecut Hollowbody at prsguitars.com.

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Ida said...

Love the new guitar! I was looking at them the other day on the website.. I like the cherry sunburst hollowbodies.

Chris Lackey said...

that's another one that i'd like for my PRS arsenal.

graciegirl said...

thats awesome! i just wish i had a clue what you were talkin bout.... hehe. its cool though!