Friday, June 26, 2009

Creation East

Last night we played Creation East Festival, in Pennsylvania. This is the biggest Christian festival around, and it's one of our favorite of the year. Roughly 70,000 were in attendance, and we got to play in an incredible slot... 9:00pm at main stage (right before Chris Tomlin). The fringe stage was shut down by that time, and the main stage area was packed full of folks ready for a great time!

We played for 50 minutes, and had SUCH a great time, introducing 2 new songs (meaning of life and live life loud) to the festival crowd. At the end of the set, Jas, Dan, and I ran down to the front of the stage to say goodbye... It was a special moment. I looked out over 70,000 people chanting the last "woah-oh-oh-oh" from live life loud, and thought..... "This is a moment I want to remember..."

I have such a cool job.

I also got to hang a lot with my friends Jack and Beverly from PRS Guitars. They were SO warm and wonderful to be around. I helped throw PRS shirts out to the crowd on the fringe stage, and assisted with a draw for a guitar giveaway after our set on main stage. I am so grateful for the friends I've made at PRS. They're such great people... And they also happen to be incredibly good at what they do!

So thank you to all you folks at creation east... You made my night!


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Alyssa said...

I was there and it was so much fun! Tho I was disappointed when I found out you guys did your autographs early (why was that anyway?), and we got lost so I couldn't make it to the PRS tent.

graciegirl said...

you do have a cool job! we love your job and you!

Tisha. said...

i bet the lifest crowd will rock harder. :P

Jonni said...

yay!! im glad u had an awesome night last night! I was seein Transformers, but i wish i was at Creation instead of at the movies... i hope u have ur cool job for long time! XD

Ida said...

YOU WERE AMAZING!!! I can't believe Jason didnt realize I was the one that screamed "I love You" Haha.. I saw u by the fringe! That was hilarious!!!!! hoped u liked the cards.
You should have brought Tilly like Jason brought Murphy! That was the night of my life, well of my summer!

Michelle said...

if you think that's a big crowd... you should check out Lifelight in sioux falls sd...we've had crowds upwards of 120,000's a three day free christian music festival. michael w smith played in front of one of his biggest crowds here with us... you should totally check us out!!! i know it'd be well appreciated! ;)