Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ok, so I'm sorry I've missed an entire week of blogs. Crazy. It's been an insane week.

We had 4 shows last weekend.... in Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, and D.C. It was a whirlwind of travel and it left very little time for anything but playing, signing, and getting to the next show! Our first two shows were with Switchfoot and Skillet.... and I've gotta say.... I never get tired of watching either of these bands play their live shows.

Skillet's show is a spectacle. When they have all their tricks, there's giant columns of flame, explosions, mechanical lifts hoisting people 30 feet in the air.... it's a sight to see. Add to that the fact that their music is both really high-energy, and incredibly sing-able... and you've got one fantastic show. Plus, Ben is a monster guitar player, and I always enjoy when he solos with one hand. :)

Switchfoot's show is completely different. No explosions or mechanical lifts.... Just 60 minutes of great melodies, incredible lyrics, and heart-stopping moments. Jon has a way of captivating an audience.... Everyone is hanging off his every word. You get the sense that you won't be quite the same when you walk away from that show. It's inspiring. Plus, the band is SO tasteful. Every single note and rhythm is beyond tasty. It's so fun to observe.

I've had a couple days off back at home now, before we head west to hit the West Coast festivals. Today Jess and I are going to see the new Harry Potter film... Yes!



Heidi said...

You guys had an amazing show at lifest. I love watching skillet too. Intense flames and awesome music! :)

Christine said...

speaking of you and skillet, i just found out a couple days ago that you're supposed to be on their awake and alive tour and i FREAKED OUT. i would have never imagined that combo. you guys are two of my all time fave bands, but you seem soo different, i would never have expected that and i just seriously freaked out lol and then i found out you're coming to oregon and i'm, like DUDE I WANNA GO. but it would be like a miracle or something if my mom actually let me.

Markus said...

Yeah both bands headlined at Alive '09 and I noticed that difference. Skillet's show was one giant rocking party whereas Switchfoot's show was incredibly musical and inspiring. Love them both. Can't wait to see your tour with Skillet.

graciegirl said...

ah schweet! sounds like you all had fun!
by thw way...... i saw da Harry Potter movie today..... one of da best so far!! :)

Britney said...

sweet! but boo on Harry Potter!!!!!

baylormum said...

Can hardly wait to see Switchfoot when they come to Amarillo in August with The Afters. Have never seen Switchfoot & am excited about that. Have loved the Afters for a long time & it will be my 3rd or 4th time to see them. P.S. always love your tweets. :)

SwissGirl said...

i think i did the impossible last week! I missed u guys three times in three days!!!! I missed u in VA cause I live like an hr away from where u played... the we went to DC the next day to fly to Wisconsin... needless to say i missed u that nite in Wisconsin cause u were playing an hr away frm where i was staying.... then u went back to DC and played there and I was there the day b4 you all we there!!!! GO FIGURE!!!

RileySmiley said...

Can't wait to see y'all in Houston!! I hope i get good seats

So i just realized that y'all haven't ever been on a tour that was a "Hawk Nelson tour"'s always been someone else featuring HN...or the revolve tour (i'm sad HN won't be there this year) least i can't remember a tour with y'all being the main band, but maybe it just didn't come to houston...y'all need to have like a live life loud tour!

Or if you toured with relient k being the main band that would be ok too as long as it came to houston!

But the show with y'all and skillet is going to be super amazing!!!!!