Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Woods

I'm out in the woods of Oregon. It's so remote out here. So beautul. It's wonderful to have a break.

We spent last weekend flying around the country, playing shows in Minnesota, Louisiana, and Oregon. That meant long flights, little sleep, and LOTS of coffee!

Tomorrow we're at Creation West.... One of the most beautiful locations we visit every year. There will be pictures!


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christena said...


Rachel Joy said...

No way dude! I was in Oregon last weekend too! And the weekend before. It was a mission trip with my church. We were hobos. I stayed at a KOA, a random campground, a church, and a bunch of houses... I'm super sad that it's over :( What part of Oregon are you in?

Anonymous said...

ill get to see you tomorrow at creation west =].

Christine said...

DUDE i live in oregon. i hate the woods i don't find the nature here beautiful, but depressing. lol i'm a palm tree gal :P even tho i've never been somewhere with palm trees... sad huh? :/
i didn't even know you were here, but then, what does it matter because my mom wouldn't have let me go most likely. *sigh* i have a couple friends who are going to Creation i think... haha say hiii to them lolz not that you'd know who they are haha.

Alyssa said...

I thought Jas said Creation East was one of the prettiest places you visit?