Sunday, July 5, 2009

The World of PC

I had the most ridiculous experience buying a PC today!

So if you don't know this about me already.... I'm an Apple guy. Macbook, iPhone, iPod.... I've bought into the whole thing. Haha.... Well, today, I violated my Apple-ethics and bought a PC... and in doing so - had a bizarre experience....

See, Jess needed a laptop for internet and email at home.... and she doesn't use the computer much, so it didn't have to be a powerhouse... A PC seemed just fine for her, and she found a Dell she liked. While I felt a certain pain inside when I started considering buying a PC instead of an Apple, it was SO incredibly cheap, it was hard for me to argue. (Especially when the specs on it out-flanked my macbook, for less than 1/3 of the cost!)

Well, we went to Best Buy, and had quite an adventure buying this thing. As we perused the computer section (we already knew roughly which one we wanted), I experienced all my PC stereotypes come to life: A young asian salesman came over and started talking with us. This was too funny... he looked like the young asian kid from Indiana Jones....

This was our exchange:

(I'm in red, the salesman is in blue.)

Hey, um is - Uh - wha -Hey, is there anything I can help you with today?

Yeah, we're considering buying one of these two computers. What are the biggest differences between these two?

Well, here's how I look at it.... They're both computers, so they're both trash.

Uhhhhhh..... ok, well which one has a faster CPU? None of these labels seem to show the processor speed?

Oh, it doesn't matter really, they're all fast.

Uh huh......

You see, no computer is perfect. You're never gonna have a computer that works all the time, and you're never gonna have a computer that doesn't work at all. Well, maybe you could... uhhh.... (his voice trails off.....)

Well, we're gonna need a few more minutes to think about it.

Sure.... well we're not on commission here, so if you need me you can grab me, or if you really hate me, go get somebody else.

Uhhh ok.

(Jess and I take a minute to decide, and then grab him and talk to him some more...)

Ok, we'd like this one.....

That one? Ok, would you like us to optimize it for you?

What does that mean?

It means that we basically go through it, and make sure everything is working properly.... and get it all set up and running it's best. It will run....... um.... 20% faster.

Really. How much is that?


Hmm... well, it's brand new, shouldn't it be working properly anyways? It's got a one-year warranty, right?

Yeah. Would you like to purchase the extended warrant-

No, thanks.

Ok, well let me see if we have any non-optimized computers in stock.... if we don't, I can give you an optimized one for only $19.99 instead of $39.99...

Um..... ok, can you check if you've just got a regular one?

(He finds one, and we head over to ring it up.)

Ok, if I can't get the scanner to work in three tries, you get the computer for free.

Um. Ok?

(He tries three times.... fails, and THROWS the scanner in the trash.)

Does that mean I get it for free?

Well, I'm gonna type the number in, if I don't get it right, THEN you get it for free.


(He rings it up, and it works.)

Ok, that'll be...... uh.. six hundre - (voice trails off again)

Jess pipes up, "You mean four hundred and sixty?"

Yeah, haha....

So can I put $400 on this card, and the rest on another card?

No, but you can put $400.01 on one card.


I'm just kidding.


(He rings it up... I put in my PIN.... he starts laughing.)

I'd be screwed right now, cuz I can never remember my PIN. I'd have to call my friend and ask him!

You don't know your PIN, but your friend does?

Haha, yeah.

Ok.... well have a good day....

Jess and I walked out thinking.. "What in the world just happened?!"

I couldn't help but mention that this experience is EXACTLY what I think of when I think "PC". Apple store employees know a heck of a lot more about what they're selling, and they're WAY less awkward! Gosh!

So.... final verdict? Fast computer. Great price. A hilarious story.

Not a bad day. :)


K[R!ot] said...

hahaha. wow. thats hilarious!!!

well glad the computer is fast and works good.. ;)

Michelle said...

Wow. Thats pretty funny!

Holly said...

wow, that is hilarious :)

Anonymous said... did you remember all that? haha Macs>PCs.

Christine said...


Jonni said...

that is just too funny!!

graciegirl said...

hahaha. somethin like that has happened to me before....... not a very great experience to say the least...... :P

K[R!ot] said...

oh and my brother just got a macbook pro.. now im wanting it. haha

SwissGirl said...

WOW ok that is probably why pple like Macs soo much better cause the PC pple have no idea what they are talking about!!! Oh well! ANOTHER PLUS FOR APPLE!

Jenny said...


Ida said...

I wish I was able to have a Mac product more than just a silly iPOD.

beffy :) said...

i actually like my PC better than the macs at school. but hey, i didn't buy it either :p

James5521 said...

haha I started laughing so hard wow that's hilarious

Anonymous said...

I bought my computer at BEst Buy and had excellent service. I think we only had one person not really know much. But really everyone at our store knows a ton. I'm like you, I love Apple but I dont have any of their products :(

I have to say though, I read that convo and laughed hard

Britney said...

it seems as though a lot of shopping experiences are like that with you... lol!!! XD

Riley Smiley said...

I would be like literally laughing my face off...

but i strongly dislike the whole apple interprise because their stuff is way overpriced and is only compatible with other expensive apple annoys me when itunes downloads refuse to work for my mp3 player because it's not an ipod

Anonymous said...

I can realate...The first and last time i went to Sonic, the lady got my order wrong, like, 3 times! You cant help but wonder..."are you listening?"
Also, i just wanna let u guys know that you are amazing! The only reason i checked you guys out was because you did an interview with Brio...LOVED the cd, Smile...It's the End of the World. I could tell it was a Christian cd, but it wasnt explicit. I found that if i dont listen to HN or Relient K in the morning, i dont have a very good day/mood/attitude. you are so encouraging and down-to-earth! friend and i think you should do a show with either Relient K or The Afters...maybe record with them, something like that.