Thursday, September 17, 2009

Live Life Loud Music Video!

Our video for Live Life Loud was released today on myspace..... click here to visit the myspace page.... or watch it below!

Hawk Nelson "Live Life Loud" Music Video



Renny said...

It's great! Awesome!
It caused a BIIIG smile on my face... :)

Christine said...

that was absolutely downright AWESOME xD omggg
SOOOOOO hilarious omggg
i agree with renny
teehee xD
i esp loved the part where the guy was making fun of dan's lip ring XD ahahahah
oh gosh i loved it all.
Sooooooo dorky!!! XDDDD

calccgirl said...

haha amazing i couldn't stop laughing!! I loved it!! i agree the lip ring thing was HILARIOUS!!

Ida said...

HAHAHAHAHa!!! I loved how it was a bunch of old(er) peoples... Your faces were just great!

Anonymous said...

(believe me I'm sicilian I KNOW bocce ball)

end of story.


Anonymous said...

that was the best thing i have seen all day!!! awesome video!!!

Alyssa said...

This is the greatest video I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard I cried the whole way thru!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, greatest video EVER!!!!

Jessica L. said...

Oh I love you guys! Yes I laughed at the guy with the lip ring like dan haha... Although i thought it was mean Jay making fun of the old guy the way he did!? Pretty funny stuff... Ya'll are awesome. I <3 when Jay sings to the old lady haha... I'm SUPER stoked about the new CD! I pre-ordered it and got the t-shirt and autographed poster with it! I can't WAIT till it comes! <3 <3 <3 you guys! I'm excited that you guys redid "Tis So Sweet!" It will be amazing I know it!
God bless!

Britney said...

dude!! i totaly have those arm warmers!!! XD sweet vid y'all!!! ;D

Anonymous said...

Haha! I Loved It!!!! I knew that old guy would end up taking out Jason! lol.

That one was great:)

God Bless and God be with,


Jonni said...

luv, luv. luv it!!! ^_^ omgoshness, there r so many things that i luv about this video!

Hope said...

OMG! I totally loved this video! It rocks! My favorite part was when the guy was making fun of Dan's lip ring! LOL!

My grandmother watched it, too! Her favorite part was when the seniors were beating up on you guys! LOL!

It put a huge smile on my face! Thanks! I love you guys!


christena said...

omg that's amazing! i love it!!!!!

Jennifer said...

This video is absolutely fantastic!! I laughed A LOT when I watched's hilarious!! I love you guys!! :)

Markus said...

that's a really fun video.
I got your record in the mail today for some reason. A day early, but just as well!
I LOVE the record, and I learned the violin part to Meaning of Life after listening to it like fifteen times!
Can't wait to see you all in Grand Rapids, MI in December.
It's the tour closer so you all better have some good pranks planned, ha!

Grace said...

that was the best video i've ever seen!
i love you guys. :D

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that video!!!! it's amazing!! i've been lawn bowling like two times ever and neither of them turned out very well. no broken bones luckily, just a few bruised toes...