Friday, October 23, 2009

Celebrity Theater

So last night we had SUCH a good show!

We played the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Arizona. If you've never been to this theater.... it's a trip. The room is circular, and the stage is in the middle of the room. The stage is also circular, and it SPINS while the show is going on! This way everyone gets to be faced by the band for parts of the show. It's a pretty bizarre way to set up a stage, and it makes for some technical nightmares, but it was a pretty amazing experience nonetheless.

I generally set up my amps off-stage, or at the back of the stage facing backwards. They've got mics on them, and I can hear them in my in-ears, so it really doesn't matter where they are exactly. Here's what they look like normally.......

Guitar Rig in NY

Well, the problem with the show last night was that the stage is SPINNING, and I didn't have enough cable to have my amps off-stage, so I had to put them at the back of the stage. The problem with THIS, is that they'll be pointed at people's HEADS when the back of the stage faces them. That's bad news, since these amps are so loud.... SOoooooooooo this was our solution.

My rig at the Celebrity Theater

We covered the amps with 3-4 moving blankets, and there are also some case lids under there. Haha..... So if you were at the show, and wondered what monstrosity was hiding under all those blankets.... There you have it!



Kacie J.L. said...

Thats pretty funy but smart. I kno i wouldnt have wanted it get my hearing busted =]

Ida said...

That's funny.. LOL moving stage = fun!

Markus said...

that's crazy! I've never been to that stage but it sure sounds like a trip.

Anonymous said...

ahhh we had to miss the concert last night!!! tear! :(

James said...

hehe i was there and i did wonder that lol i was the kid with the pillow case it was an awesome night love u guys