Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Buried by Your Wishes

So we've been on the road for several months now with Skillet, Decypher Down, and The Letter Black.... it's been a long haul, and right now it's been about a month since I've seen home. I have to admit that this gets harder as I get older. I can only imagine how difficult it might be when we have kids, sometime down the road. That's got to be tough.

The shows, for the most part have been amazing. Tulsa, Medford, Salem, Spokane, Boise, and Denver probably stand out as having been the best shows of the tour so far. It's hard to believe we still have a month before this tour is wrapped up..... and while it's a great tour with some awesome shows... I am definitely feeling the wear.

The term "careful what you wish for" comes to mind... Haha. Making music and touring the country playing shows are what I love to do, and I can't imagine spending my life on anything else right now.... So I can't really complain, because I'm getting to do what I love (a lot of it). However, that doesn't mean that I don't miss home, and it isn't difficult to do a 50 city / 10 week fall tour.

I will say though.... I've had a good amount of free time during each day on this tour... So I have listened to a LOT of new music.... and there is a TON of good new music out there. Why does it happen in spurts like this? I'll go for a year without finding a single new album that inspires me, and then I'll find 3 all at once.

Here are a few new albums that I'm in love with..... that you should really check out...
(in alphabetical order)

David Crowder*Band - Church Music
Fee - Hope Rising
Paramore - Brand New Eyes
Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Switchfoot - Hello Hurricane

I'm actually buying and downloading Switchfoot's new album as I write. I include this in my list because every single switchfoot album since Learning to Breathe has changed my world. I'm THAT confident that this one will be no different...

Anyways.... I realized I hadn't written a blog post in a while, and despite feeling like my blogging muscles are atrophied and sore, I decided to erratically toss a few thoughts down here. I'd like to promise that I'll get back to writing here more often........ but you just never know. Haha.


baylormum said...

I find it slightly amusing that even your "older" fans have similar tastes in music! I'm 52 and love "Live Life Loud". Several years back when my daughter, as a teen, was "in love" with Hawk! I wasn't. I think that even though you guys haven't changed a whole lot, your message is hitting a wider age range than it use to. I can't explain it very well! She's 23 now & we still have tunes we don't have in common, but I feel more open-minded in listening to "music you've never heard" (as Brody says.

I can't decide on a fav. I love "Live Life Loud" for encouraging me NOT to sit like a coach potato the rest of my life. God has things for me to do & I can't always do it from the comfort of my couch! I also LOVE "Shaken". The words, the harmony. It is such a simple, but powerful message. Thanks.

K[R!ot] said...

I love Phoenix :) and the new Pmore record is also in your face.. amazing :)

Arielle said...

I love Fee :) If you ever have the chance to see them in concert, go! I saw them right before they got big (It was right after Casting Crowns release their version of 'All Because Of Jesus') with only about 30 other people and it was an amazing worship experience.

Jeanne said...

I also recommend Owl City and Morning Will Break. They are AWESOME!!!!!!! but anyways, I am extremely excited because I get to see you guys on Sunday. Yes, I will bring peppermint patties again. :)
God Bless

Ida said...

OMG I totally agree with you about Switchfoot! Haha the Irony of it all is Hurricane Ida! LOL XD I find that utterly hilarious..

But yeah I know what you mean about albums coming out.. Like this year since July, lemme think, Welcome to the Masquerade, LIVE LIFE LOUD, Hello Hurricane, Memento Mori, Awake and Alive,Forget and Not Slow Down, and so many other cds have came out. When it comes to music 2009 is really doing fine.

Kacie J.L. said...

I hope u dont leave HN I think you fit in perfect but I know you will do what go wants =].
I might just have to scheck out those cds and such. =]

Christine said...

@Jeanne he already loves owl city:)

and i do agree that there were a lot of good albums/artists releasing albums all at once this year! you included! it was / is awesome! haha

graciegirl said...

have you heard Relient K's new album? thas one of my favs right now ;)