Friday, February 5, 2010


Over the last week or so I've had to deal with a rather frustrating immigration problem. Although it will hopefully all be worked out in the next few months, it's a huge legal hassle, travel impediment, and source of worry. It's got me thinking a lot about Canada, and what it means to be a Canadian living in the United States.

Experiencing the stereotypes most Americans hold towards Canadians can be both irritating and hilarious.

This is a Molson Canadian Beer commercial poking fun at this fact. If you think this is an exaggeration..... think again. I've experienced people JUST like this guy MANY times.



Sandra said...

HA. I've never seen this one before. Thanks for sharing!

Christine said...

omgosh, that was... funny XD
yeah, people ALWAYS make the 'eh' joke... ALWAYS. lol
im sure it gets SO old. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I've had tons of friends from Canada who also get that a lot. I suggest using the "Canada is America's brain" line (and you don't even want to know the Mexico version of that).

But seriously, Canada is awesome. Just sayin'.

Kacie J.L. said...

HTats funny (the commmercial) :) I hopea ll works out for you in the best :) Im still praying for ya :)

Carey said...

AMEN!! haha. I'm Canadian that has done alot of travelling in the US.
We were in Washington State for Creation Fest and were refused service a number of times at Walmart because one of us were wearing a Canada hat. The people running the till would honestly close the till and then when we went to a diff one they opened it for the next person in line. this happened more than once. I've also gotten the 'no running water' 'i have a cousin in Alberta who just got electricity last week.' and the 'do you live in igloos'.. people also make fun of our money.. they think of it as monopoly money..
In San Diego at Seaworld when you get off that Arctic ride. there is a digital screen that has shows a list of places the helicopter is departing to and my hometown (Moose Jaw, SK) is one of them... Absolute Craziness.
Also.. i will never forget the look I got at Mount Rushmore when i asked my mom about which president was which.. someone over heard nad totally yelled at me for not knowing. The 'Eh' joke is the worst.
Speaking of Canada, what happened to the spring Canadian Tour Jason was talking about a couple months ago?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I need to show my brother that. We're Mexican but he wishes with every bone in his body that he was Canadian. He does not sat "Eh" at all. He does say "soory" a lot though. He also uses the word "marks" instead of grades, & he says "year 12" instead of senior. He's so funny. I took him to one of your shows last year & was exited to meet "other fellow Canadians." I need to take him to Canada soon. Any recommendation as to what part? Hehe.

Ida Lou said...

That was great!
I like it the fact that Canadians say "eh" and say "out" different. I like accents and cultural differences. And for that reason sometimes I wish I wasn't American! God, they can be stupid sometimes!

Carey said...

@janetplanet I'm Canadian, and I actually say alot of things American.. its weird.
I do say Marks instead of Grades alot of the time. and We actually say Grade 12 not year 12.. i've never heard that in my life.
As for Recommendation to what part of Canada.. any part. But every province is different so it depends what you want to see.
I live in Saskatchewan which is a prairie province, we have a low population but its EXTREMELY flat. Alberta has Edmonton which has one of the BIGGEST malls in the world. Manitoba has Winnipeg which is the dead centre of North America.. you can go to the mint there to see where Canadian money is made. And the home of Winnie The Pooh.
British Columbia is hosting the Winter Olympics in a couple of weeks. They have Vancouver the 3rd largest city int he country and some great ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains.
Ontario is where most people go when they come to Canada, but really Ontario is prob the most like the States out of all the provinces. It has Ottawa (Nation Capital) and Toronto (Largest City in the country, and one of hte tallest buildings in the world). I've never been there so really i can't give you any personal opinion. I do REALLY want to go there.
I LOVE the Maritimes. Which are Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. There are lots of trees and the ocean and its just different than th erest of th country. Newfoundland i've never been to, but its a rock and you can see Puffins and Icebergs.
The Territories are up North and i've never been there so i don't really know what they're like. They're low populated and people don't really go there unless they are camping. Great camping up there. Its kinda like Alaska. Since Alaska is their neighbour.
Hope that helped. :P

Hope said...

Haha! That vid was too funny!

Don't worry I am a huge fan of Canadians. Canada is the one country I'd rather live in. :)

Nakita Nevers said...

I have similar issues being from Maine. When I went to Texas years ago, I was surprised at how many people don't even know where it is. I was actually asked "Maine... what part of Canada is that in?". A friend of mine who moved down south said that they call us Canadian down there. I won't complain, because I'd rather be confused with Canadians, than people from Massachusetts.
I like the Canadians.... I could live without the french Canadians that come down to the beaches of Maine every year in speedo thongs, but other than that.... I don't mind Maine sharing a border with Canada.