Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Local Favs

Alright - So I just ate at Taco Express, my favorite local restaurant, and I was thinking I should write a little blog about some of my favorite restaurants in the area - So here goes....

#1 - Taco Express / Oscar's Taco Shop

I think this is the best mexican in town. The fish tacos are outta-sight, the salsas are amazing, and atmosphere is great. Amazing patio. The pico de gallo salsa is also INCREDIBLE. This location is only about a year old, but there is also a smaller location further south on Main St. in Spring Hill, as well as 2 shops owned by the same family in Franklin, under the name Oscars.

#2 - Peter's Sushi and Thai

This is one of several favorite sushi restaurants in town. They do amazing sushi (including fried sushi).... the dragon roll and volcano roll are my favorite. I've heard the Thai is also good there, but I haven't been able to keep myself from ordering the delicious sushi when I'm there!

#3 - Sweet Cici's

Sweet Cici's is some of the best frozen yogurt you will ever have. It's soft serve, and it's also self-serve.... so you pour as much as you want, and pay per-ounce. They usually have 10 different flavors, and you can mix them to your liking. They also have 30-40 mix-ins like m&m's, chocolate chips, berries, caramel, etc..... It's hard not to end up with a giant bowl by the time you're done! Luckily almost all the flavors are non-fat, and the ones that aren't, are still low-fat. Keep telling yourself that helps! Haha!

#4 - Utopia Coffee

This little coffee shop is in a really old house that was a part of the original town of Spring Hill (before the subdivisions and expansions). There's a little coffee bar when you walk in, and then loads of rooms and places to sit. It's very cozy... and their Irish Mochas are RIDICULOUS. Amazing.

#5 Jasmine Restaurant

Jasmine has some of the best Thai in town. I'm a big fan of the yellow curry (I'm always looking for the closest thing to chicken korma I can find - nobody seems to use the word "korma" in the states?" The nan bread is awesome, and the prices are pretty reasonable.

Anyways - those are three of our favorite places to eat or treat! If you've never checked any of these places out before, and you're in the area - what are you waiting for?!!!


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graciegirl said...

hey we have a Jasmine Restaurant here in Kentucky! its goood :)