Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Room with a View

Today is our last day in Australia..... it's been an incredible trip. 7 days. 3 amazing cities. 3 awesome shows. 15-20 amazing coffees.

Our last day is being spent in downtown Sydney - at an apartment-style hotel in the World Tower. We're staying on the 65th floor. The view is ridiculous.

Isn't that amazing?

Then, when you come down the elevator, you find yourself in one of the most incredible downtowns I've ever experienced. There are all kinds of different food and clothing shops, coffee places, and such.

I can't imagine a cooler place to spend our last day in Australia!



OneColoradoGirl said...

Wow, That's amazing!! Gorgeous view! :)
America miss you guys so we are glad you're coming back. Someday if I ever have the chance to go to Australia I'll go to Sydney for sure.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

It's not that amazing of a view. A bunch of skyscrapers? The view from my room in Hawaii of the beach, etc. was 100x better

Ida Lou said...

That is amazing! Justin and Adam sure looked comfy. LOL.

Christine said...

freakin' awesome and scarily high off the ground! lol.

@anonymous haha, well, yeah, you couldn't really beat that<3 lol