Saturday, August 28, 2010

Live Life Loud in Calgary

Last weekend we got to play an awesome Franklin Graham event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This is, of course, the home of Jason's favorite hockey team, the Flames. He opted to wear a Flames shirt underneath his show clothes at the start of the show, so he could proudly rock Flames stuff later in the set...

It was a great time, and Ransom.TV posted a great video of our last song of the day.... Live Life Loud. Check it out!



baylormum said...

Thanks. Enjoyed hearing it live again! Go, Pens, Go!

Christine said...

wait, you played twice at this event??? cuz i caught some of it live a few days ago, but i heard you played again last night and i TOTALLY missed it and i'm sooo sad cuz i heard you played the new song :((((( PLEASE, UPLOAD A VIDEO OF THAT!!!!!! lol.

Ida Lou said...

Oh man. This really makes me want to see another Hawk show. I can't believe it's been over a year.

Breanna Van Note said...

Dear Hawk Nelson/Daniel, Johnathan, Jason and Justin,

I am just going to start this abruptly! I want to ask you a favor! :) My dad is going on a missions trip to Uganda with his pastor. He has been out of a job for almost nine months, his pastor is paying his way. I am definitely not asking you to send money or any such thing!!!! He is going to be leading worship and preaching the amazing word of God, to huge groups of people. He is needing a guitar and equipment for it in order to do so. He feels God is telling him that whatever guitar he brings he will be leaving there. My question to you is this, if you have ANY old acoustic guitar laying around not being used it would be very awesome if you would think and pray about maybe donating it to this cause.
I know this is a lot to kind of take in, and it is completely random! I am not asking you to just go, 'oh hey, lets give this random dude we have never met before a guitar.' Not at all, I am asking you to pray about it and see what the Lord is telling you to do!

Thank you for even reading my comment! And I pray that you will pray about this. If God does not have it coming from you, I know He will bring it from somewhere else. If you do feel led to do so, please message me! I will be more than happy to cooperate in any way!

Thank you!

p.s. this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with anything I have said so far, but ya'll are my favorite band! You all are pretty FREAKING amazing! God has truly blessed ya'll in so many ways! :D Thanks for making my life a little more bright with your music!

p.s.s. Sorry this is on your blog Jason, couldn't find anywhere else to reach ya'll that would let me say everything! :D

Breanna said...
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Breanna said...

OK, so stupid me! I really did mean to put 'Sorry Johnathan this is on your blog...'!!!! I sorry!!!! All of you with your J names it's terrible, and my typing fingers couldn't type the right one! :( Well, Johnathan, Jesus loves you, keep doin' what your doin'! KUDOS! LATA!