Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Give Me an H to the A to the W K!

So we've started the first week of our FLY ME TO THE SHOW tour.....

It's been a great start!





Frisco, TX, and Longview, TX, thanks for being so awesome!

Next weekend we're headed to Indianapolis, IN, Cullman, AL, and Jacksonville, FL.

Hope to see you there!



ChrisBCrazy said...

who took the photos? love the first one! can't wait to see the show!

Hope said...

Loving the pink HAWK!! :)

Breanna said...

I am so sad I missed the Texas shows! Wasn't able to drive that far... :( But it looks freakishly amazing! Looks like Jason is growing out his hair! AWESOME!
Thanks for keeping us updated Johnathan!

Christine said...

oh. my. gawd.

those pictures are amazing<3 especially the first one- i LOVE that.<3

who took 'em?

OneColoradoGirl said...

I like the one of Dan!! Like the look on his face lol. :) You guys rock!

graciegirl said...

i was at the Indy show!!!! :D

Scott said...

Enjoyed you all at the FC Dallas Stadium in Frisco, TX. I was very impressed with your attitude. Crowd wasn't very big; but you all played as if it was. Seems like your playing to an audience of One.

Good job all!

graciegirl said...

da Indy show wasnt that big either, and da crowd seemed a lil boring, but it was still an awesome show!!
my friends and i were totally into it! we were jumping around and singing realy loudly... its always alotta fun to see yal ;D