Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Touring Life

So we've reached the final weekend of our Fly Me To The Show tour. It's been a great tour..... John Reuben, Britt Nicole, and Revive were a blast to tour with. I certainly hope they had as much fun as we did.

Last night we were in Port Huron, Michigan... at a theater there. The show ended up selling out, and it was a packed house. These shows are my favorite.... packed out small theaters. The setting can be somewhat intimate without feeling tiny or unsuitable for a rock show. :)

We had a few special moments during the acoustic section of our show that will be quite memorable for me, and hopefully everyone else who was there. Travis, the truck driver for the tour, joined us on violin, and it was heavenly (he's quite the violinist!)! It's special moments like that, especially the unscripted ones, that make live music so fun for me.

After 6 years of touring and playing shows, I can honestly say I still love it. I still love traveling (although I also love complaining about it sometimes. haha...), and I still love playing music live. For me, it's all about chasing down those special moments during a performance.... looking for opportunites to create something memorable.

I really appreciate the guys I'm in a band with. I've been making music with Dan and Jas for 6 years, and Justin has been with us for about 3.... so we've spent a LOT of time playing together. We've gotten pretty good at reading each other, and sometimes we'll change something on the fly.... simply by giving each other a look. I love being in a group whose members can read each other that well..... and one that embraces spontaneity so much.

Having said all that..... sometimes that spontaneity takes us on a ride which does NOT involve musical skill..... for instance........ last weekend at our show at Club 3 Degrees in Minneapolis, Justin and Jason decided to switch positions for the song "California". They've done this once or twice before, but it's still hilarious every time it happens. For those who don't know... Justin is the karaoke KING, and it he can prove it....

Ahh, the joys of the touring life.... Yes those WERE written lyrics that Justin pulled out of his pocket... Sorry we didn't have the screen with the bouncing ball, Buddy!



Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!! I wish i could have been there!!! But when you can't drive, you're a little limited to where you can go and I don't think that I could have biked 200 miles to get to Minneapolis.... I think it would have been worth it though.

Morgan said...

WOW that's awesome!!