Monday, August 4, 2008

Playing for TobyMac

Tonight was a real treat for me. I had the privilege of filling in for my buddy Tim, who plays guitar for TobyMac. I spent the last 3 days learning the show, and I definitely got to the point where I thought I'd have to duct tape my head in order to keep all the information in!

The guys in the band and crew were so helpful... and made me feel very comfortable. Clint, the backline tech, was there to babysit me and make sure I didn't do anything too stupid! He also managed to snap a few pictures for me!

Toby and the band made me feel right at home, and the Columbus crowd was great to rock with! There were even some Hawk fans there!

It's been a crazy experience.... Playing a show I learned over the last three days... Riding a bus with a bunch of folks other than Hawk... The guys in this band and crew are some of the best friends I've made over my touring years, and I'm very grateful that I got to share this experience with them!


Anonymous said...

Jonathan! That is soooo awesome that you played for TobyMac! You are a TRUE MUSICIAN!!! and 3 days to learn the whole show...even more so...the real deal! hope all is well...and can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks! until then...keep ROCKIN'! ...tiff thurston

Anonymous said...

dude, that is so cool! you got to play for tobymac! sweet! dang, 3 days to learn it? wow. man, you are really good.

Rachel said...

Nice!!!! You rock Steingard (Schneck thinks so too!!!! Of course, you already knew THAT!!!)!!!!! Keep..... rockin'!!!! YEAH!!!!!

~Rachel Morrison

Alli Howard said...

Jonathan that is awesome! Congrats! And I bet you were awesome! Can't wait to see you at Revolve!! Allison Howard

LauraRaynes said...

Hey!! I was at the show you did at the Ohio State Fair with TobyMac! You were awesome! i cant believe you learned the whole show in three days, you are very talented!! Keep Rockin Out!!
God Bless
=] LauraRaynes [=

Ida said...

that sounds really cool!!

Mollie said...

That's awesome! I wish I could have been at that show!

Giggles said...

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