Friday, August 8, 2008

Guitar Center

So I've decided that I'm not going to guitar center anymore. Today was my last straw.

I always cringe a bit when I have to go in there... but today I overcame my shudders, and went in to buy guitar picks, look at a few mics, and find some 50 foot instrument cables for my pedalboard loom (a pedalboard loom is a few cables taped and "loomed" together, that connect my pedalboard to my guitar amps.. this information will be important later).

I stroll in, wanting to meander for a few minutes... I want to look at the "used and vintage" section, the microphone case, and, of course, the wall of PRSes! I'm not here to be talked into buying a Schecter, I'm here because I want to peruse the new products, and then buy what I want.

One of the things that blows my mind about guitar center, is how the customer service is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what I (and many others) would like. When I'm just taking a peek around, I'm approached by multiple employees who are bent on selling me something without stopping to figure out if it's really what I need.... But when I finally want to buy something I have to wait for 20 minutes while the employee "helps" the customer in front of me. Invariably, they can't find this customer's information in the computer, and won't proceed without finding this mystery file.... So selling the aforementioned customer a single pack of strings takes 20 minutes.

Then I have to endure the conversation... "So, you're in a band? You a rocker dude? I'm in a rock band.. We're called the Hungry Gorillas. We're sort of Zepplin meets ACDC meets Bowie. You know, all the GOOD stuff." Oh yeah, your band and ACDC have LOADS in common. You probably just chose to work at guitar center because "the suits didn't get you", and you needed a place where you had a captive audience.

Then, when I go to leave the store... I'm searched. The darn airport TSA should be so thorough. Yes, because I'm a musician, I must be desperate enough to steal. Well, ok, you've got a point there.

Today, this was my conversation with the 5th GC guy to approach me.... once I finally decided to get down to business... to buy what I needed and get out.

GC guy: Whatcha lookin for dude?
Me: Well, I'm looking for a couple 50 foot instrument cables.
GC guy: Oh well the longest we have is 30 feet.
Me: Ok well I'll find them online or something.
GC guy: Well dude, you should really think about a wireless.
Me: Oh well, I'm looking for cables for my pedalboard loom.
GC: guy: Yeah a wireless will work great for that.
Me: No, I'm making a new loom for my rig, and I need to loom several cables together.
GC guy: Yeah I get it... but a wireless is better. No cables!
Me: No dude... You don't understand. This is to go from my pedalboard to my amp. I'm really looking for 50 foot cables.
GC guy: Well I've got a wireless for like 100 bucks. Real good deal.
Me: Um, I gotta go... Can I buy some picks real quick?


britney said...

ha real imposible eh? well you sure told him off! hey dude like what does gc mean? oh! i got it guitar center cool. got any tips on tunig guitars any one my acoustic is WAY outa tune!

Jenny said...

haha well he sounds pretty irritating.

i like your new .. layout thinger..
its cool :)

JMAC said...

Dude I feel you pain! I work at L&M and I have heard from customers that GC is BRUTAL...
Next time just call up a cable company (ie. George L, Mogami) and get them to send you some free cable!

Myke said...

I HATE guitar center. It's the McDonalds of music stores. And commission sales staff should be banned by international law.

Leif said...
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Leif said...

I duno dude, those GC workers are paid professionals you may want to listen to them next time. Remember they do this everyday.

Giggles said...

rofl at leif. and even if they are paid, it doesn't really matter. they are just trying to sell their equipment, not what the musician needs. i hear about GC and it's complete awfulness. i'll be sure not to go there when i really need something. i'm using the net from now on