Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tillifer Gretchen Steingard

I realized today that I've never properly introduced a member of our family. We call her Tilly, but her full name has gotten longer over time. We just keep adding syllables, poor girl...

Tilly is a lab / beagle cross, although she just pretty much just looks like a mini black lab. We got her a year ago, and I can barely imagine life without her now. Well, we'd get more sleep... and our hardwood floors would be without scratches.... but it would be a little bit more lonely at our house.

She has lots of habits that are either endearing or infuriating, depending on the day....

1. She likes to pee exactly 3 feet further than the leash will reach.
2. The mat in front of the sink is her favorite spot, making it difficult to do the dishes.
3. She loves to stand on my chest at 7am when I'm trying to sleep.
4. I often wake up in the fetal position, because somehow she's stolen my legroom.
5. She won't do her business until we're on a neighbour's lawn and there are people watching us.
6. Taking her anywhere in the car involves revisiting her lunch.
7. Leashes are just opportunities to get tangled up and look pathetic.
8. She chases flies around the house, and smudges up the windows with her nose.
9. Any paper or cardboard left around the house is fair game. This is how she got the nickname "The Ruiner".
10. She will lick anything... and I mean ANYTHING. Hands, feet, walls, computer screens, furniture, trash, carpet, shoes... even the occasional electrical outlet. Ok, I encourage that.

Once we actually caught her chewing on the vaccuum cable while it was plugged in. I had a moment of indecision.... Do I let this continue? Will that teach HER a lesson, or ME? I don't wanna have to bury her in the back yard, but I do want her to stop chewing things.

I do love Tilly... but I don't think that phrase means the same for me that it does for Jess. She freaking LOVES this dog. Every two seconds she's like.... "Look at the puppy.... LOOK WHAT SHE'S DOING!... isn't she SO cute?... isn't she the cutest puppy in the WORLD?!" Tilly could move her paw about 3 inches to the left, and all of a sudden Jess has a whole new reason to get my attention... "OH LOOK!"

This is why we don't have children.

Anyways... Life would be a little more boring without our Tilly.



1girlrevalution said...

ahahahahahaha lol that is so funny yeah i guess that is a good reason not to have kids. maybe you should right a blog about jess next i would love to see her! :D

Jenny said...

haha jess.

kathy said...

haha...aww...tilly is adorable. haha...the reasons were pretty funny.

Anna said...

This was amusing to read.......and I can relate. Except my story was with a kitten, you'd never think a cat could be the worst and the best thing.

Anonymous said...

awwwww! she's so cute!

Ida said...

Tilly's cute.. The reasons were funny...

Z-Girl said...

Awww, she's adorable:)
She has the about same habbits as my dog, Sammy. Maybe they're related somehow! lol!

Anonymous said...

woah! my dog does most of those things too! except he eat's EVERYTHING and anything! but he doesnt like dog toys from petsmart??? so far he's eaten/chewed up...

•4 of my oil paint tubes
•He chews the bark off of trees/twigs and eats it
•my mom's shoes
•the TV remote
•alluminum foil
•lollipop sticks
•parts of an action figure
•his collar
•trash can
•stuffed animals
more to come..im sure

I have no idea how he isn't dead yet!

Javean said...

Awww, Tilly is cute.

Haha! I can relate at times.
So, I'm one of 8 kids, and what family is complete with out a pet, right? Well, after visiting the animal shelter, we ended up with 4 kittens. Yeahhh, they were cute! :) But all things fade, and they became the most destructive animals EVER. I mean, nothing was safe from them...they started chewing holes in my brand new Family Force 5 shirts, and chewing through computer mouses, electrical wires...it was crazy. ...and they peed on my parent's marrige license. (it was in a box that hadn't yet been unpacked from our move...somehow they got into that.)
We gave them away.

Celia said...

Jess probably LOVES Tilly that much because you don't have kids. If you had kids, she wouldn't act like everything Tilly does is more important than your house being on fire. But then, she'd act like everything the baby does is more important than your house being on fire, so I'd stick with just having Tilly, that way, you don't have to change diapers.