Friday, August 8, 2008

"User Serviceable"

There are two words that worry me when they are put together:

"User Serviceable"

They worry me because they are generally preceded by the word "Not". This means, "No dude, I know you think you're a handyman, but YOU CAN'T FIX THIS." However, I've been overcoming my fear of fixing things recently. Since buying a home and getting married, I've discovered that it comes with the territory. I've been tackling some home and auto repairs on my own (simple stuff), and I've actually started to get a little more confident.

This week, a headlight went out on our Jetta. I've never replaced a headlight before, but I do remember my father replacing one on our old van. It involved buying this big bulky headlight and taking the whole grille apart. No Thank You.

The challenge with a Jetta is wholly different. It's not about bulky parts and disassembly. Quite the opposite. I discovered that it's all about tinkering with tiny parts with a work area the size of a pop tarts box.

This is after 20 minutes of struggling to get the cover off the back of the headlight....

Thank goodness I don't have man-hands. I don't know how a real man would have dealt with this repair. His hands wouldn't have fit in there!

Although I do admit, having filthy hands after working on a car.... That's pretty manly.

Where's the soap?


1girlrevalution said...

lol. what a struggle but you made out well.

Anonymous said...

having filthy hands IS pretty manly, jonathan. you don't know how a real man would have dealt with it. haha. you're so funny.