Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crazy Puppy

This is Fafi.

Fafi is one of Tilly's dear friends. We had her over a few days ago, and I watched her while Jess went to work. I had to mow the lawn, and I wanted to keep an eye on her, so I put her out on the front lawn.

Within 30 seconds she had managed to put herself in this position. She wrapped herself around the green utility post, and then somehow managed to hook her line back onto the lawn peg. This left her about 8 inches to move around.... I unhooked the poor girl, but she managed to get herself right back into this position within another minute or two. We went through this process 3 or 4 times, and I eventually just gave up unhooking her! She enjoyed about an hour on the lawn with a very short leash.




christena said...

that's so funny. my dog does that a lot too. he always gets tangled around the tree, and can't move anywhere, so he just barks his head off. i wish he was smarter. but he's still an awesome dog.

heidi said...

Haha. Ya my dog likes to wrap himself around anything that he can so we just end up unhooking him and he just runs around. But sometimes he can figure it out and get himself untangled, but rarely :D.

Michelle said...

Thats pretty funny. My dog likes to get tangled in her leash too. haha

michael katherine said...

is this jonathan??? my friend becca wants to know, but i know that it is jonathan