Thursday, November 6, 2008

Studio Gear List

I had a question about the gear I use in the studio... So here's a partial list... Most of you will find this incredibly boring, so go ahead and skip this post... This is for the 2 or 3 studio rats like me.

Pro Tools 7.4
Waves Ren. Plugin Package
Reason 3.0 (pianos and strings)
Xpand (pads and synths)
Native Instruments Massive, B4, and Guitar Rig
and loads of others...

Digi 002
(bypassing all pres, converters, and clock)
Presonus Digimax FS into 002 via ADAT
(I use the converters and clock on the FS)
ART Pro Channel Strip
(I use the pre & comp, not the EQ)
TC Electronic M300 via SPDIF
(for reverb and delay)
M-Audio 66 key weighted midi controller
KRK V8 Studio Monitors
Alesis Quadrasynth

Shure SM7 (my main voc mic)
Blue Bluebird (my main LDC)
Shure Sm58
Audix i5 x2
SDK sdc x2
karma micro x2
D112 kick mic
Apex LDC room mic (hanging from ceiling)

Paul Reed Smith SC245 Goldtop
Paul Reed Smith Singlecut Tortoiseshell
Paul Reed Smith Mira
Paul Reed Smith SE Singlecut
Gibson 1974 J40 Acoustic
Fender 1980s Parts Telecaster

Marshall 1984 JCM 800
Peavey Classic 50 2x12 Combo
Heritage 2x12 Cab

So, as you can see... Nothing I'm using is incredibly great or expensive, but I do my best to make the most of what I have.

Thanks for your interest, Dusty!



christena said...

yeah... i have no clue what ur talking about. but i'm sure if i did it would be very fascinating! :)

Jenny said...

i didn't skip it!
pshh i don't skip.
but it was somewhat boring since i have no idea what half that stuff is. haha. i want a gibson! haha. i don't play. i would, but i don't know how. i tried learning. hah.
i like the photo at the top of your page! colorful! (:
is it you playing a show?
hey, what about my question? in case you forgot.. it was something like "i was going to buy your old music but then you took it down. is there any way i can still buy your old music?" haha.

Ida said...

wow you have a lot of stuff...

Giggles said...

yeah...well this was completely useful to me much. =] i could use some stuff to start up. which mic is your favorite to use? and i got a peavey combo today. software wise, i'm pretty straight with garage band. but your hardware is insane

Dusty said...

That's awesome! You definitely have some good stuff. That list is for sure interesting, and will keep me busy checking stuff out for a while probably. Thanks for taking your time to blog about it! Out of curiosity, do you use ProTools rather than Logic because it's easier, or just haven't worked much with Logic?

jonathan said...

hey dusty....

well, i use pro tools partially because that's what i learned on, and i'm very comfortable with it... but also because the audio editing functions seem to be better in PT.

lots of folks here in nashville have begun to use Logic (and Digital Performer)... so i decided to pick it up and learn it. i know the basics, but the editing functions seemed so clumsy... it was frustrating to sit and scroll through menus looking for a command i can do in half a second in pro tools!

i think logic is great for midi stuff, and people who are used to garage band. it's basically a more powerful garageband (ok, MUCH more powerful).

the only platform i'd leave pro tools for is nuendo. the last hawk record was recorded in nuendo, and i was very impressed.... but for now i'm sticking with PT...


graciegirl said...

wow those are lots of different supplies! honestly, by the picture alone, it didnt seem like there was that much equipment in your room. it didnt make sense, what you said, but at least you know what they are!

bill said...

what amp(s) were used for the rhythm guitar tracks on 'one little miracle'? that is the best sound going right now.

jonathan said...

hey bill.... not sure if you're checking these comments, but i wasn't sure how else to answer you.

the rhythm tracks on "one little miracle" were 2 different amps... a Naylor Superdrive 60 on one side, and a Marshall JCM 2000 on the other. I'm not usually a big fan of the 2000, but this one sounded really great. The Naylor is always killer. If you haven't heard of them before, check 'em out!


bill said...

thanks for the info. great sound!