Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Studio Inanimate

I decided I wanted to take a picture of my little home studio, as I've put so much work into it. This is where I've spent the last couple months working on a new record... which is very nearly done, by the way!

Well, It turns out the studio didn't want to be photographed.

First it decided it was going to be messy. There were microphones and cables strewn about... Headphones carelessly tossed onto a keyboard, that sort of thing. Then I thought it might be fitting to take a photograph when it's in "work mode"... You know, the "studios are for free expression, not first impressions" sort of thing... So I decided not to let the mess stop me.

Then I actually tried to take the picture. Since I have no wide-angle lens, there was a problem. I could not seem to capture all the glory in a single photo... And nobody should have to see multiple photos of one room. That's lame... So I decided to take multiple photos, and stitch them together.

Now, have you ever tried this? In my head, it was simple... In reality not so much. Some of my speakers, computers, and keyboards were inexorably skewed. No matter what I did, 2 of these 3 items were maligned. Terrible.

Well, here it is anyways.

This photo cost me 30 minutes, an Alesis keyboard, and my trust that inanimate objects truly are inanimate.

I make the above statement because as I was writing this, my telecaster fell off the wall, crashed onto the alesis keyboard, and then tumbled to the ground...

Studio, why don't you want to be photographed?



Jenny said...

gee, your keyboard looks a little broken.. kidding!
so your telecaster broke your alesis keyboard? that sucks.
cool studio anyway.

Heidi said...

I still think it was a good picture. And it is a sweet studio.

Giggles said...

you are hilarious
oh poor studio

graciegirl said...

nice.......... hehe.

Dusty said...

As a fellow "music nerd," I want to ask, what software are you using? (I figure it's either Pro Tools or Logic.) And what kind of mic preamps and mics are you using?

Chris said...

Hey man - looking forward to hearing the new stuff.

For stitching photos -

Tisha. said...

thats great! i think the picture looks good.