Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bored, Lazy, and Grumpy

When I was a kid, I got bored often. I lived in 15 different houses (I think) growing up, but many of them were out in the country, with nothing but fields, creeks, and trees in walking distance. We didn't have Nintendo or Sega (all the rage at the time). My brother and sister and I did our best to entertain ourselves, but boredom got the best of us quite a bit... Especially in the summer.

My dear Mother had ways of dealing with our boredom. We quickly learned not to verbalize our restlessness, because my Mom would respond, "Well, I have plenty of things you could do..." We knew those "things" were chores. We would then rattle off some super-fun idea that had JUST occurred to us. "Oh, I could go fishing in the creek!" We all knew how good Mom was at coming up with chores. We had a 1 acre vegetable garden. Enough said. (In retrospect, I have fond memories of the hours spent in that garden.)

Nobody tells you that boredom isn't just a childhood thing.

Today, I am 25 years, 5 months, 10 days old, and I'm bored senseless.

The band has been doing weekend shows on the Revolve Tour this fall, and that's given us 5-ish days of per week since September. Some of us could spend months at home and not get restless. I cannot. I need a sense of direction. Multiple weeks at home rob me of that. When I get home from a long tour, or even a tiring weekend, I have the sense that I've EARNED some time off.... but if that time off is extended, it starts to feel undeserved and purposeless.

Here are a few things I've done to pass the time:

- Record an entire album (shameless plug - click the link above to purchase!)
- Clean and set up every instrument I own
- Watch 4 entire seasons of Grey's Anatomy
- Hang around Jess's work til she asks me to leave
- Call up friends with desperate coffee invitations
- Rebuild road cases
- Redesign this blog multiple times
- Scour the internet for useless facts
- Watch history documentaries
- Hit Command+Shift+T to refresh my email inbox 3,453 times a day

The worst thing about boredom is the guilt. I feel guilty because I get this nagging sense that if I'm bored, I should be doing chores. This morning Jess said, "If you're bored, you could mow the lawn." That was a very practical suggestion.

Some things don't change as you grow up.
Even when you're bored, you still don't want practical suggestions.



Emily said...

Haha! I don't ever like being bored at my house because the same thing happens to me! LOL!!~


Anonymous said...

I know a way to cure your boredom... buy a Wii, play Wii Sports and play bowling and try to beat my score of 254. :) If that doesn't cure it, This game can be very addicting. Haha.

Ida said...

Wow... I get bored too. At least you can drive.

Heidi said...

I know what you mean. I live in the country so its too hard for me to find a ride into town so im usually bored ecspecially now in the snow. Hope u can cure your boredom. :D

graciegirl said...

hehe you can say that again!! those are my mom's almost EXACT same words! at least you have something fun to occupy YOUR time so you're not always bored (playing shows). homework occupies MY time. so i'm practically bored either way.............

Letitia said...

As a motivation coach who specializes in boredom, I would soooo love to coach you on feeling less bored, either by helping you find an off-tour passion or by learning to enjoy relaxing, or preferably both. I'd support you in feeling less guilty, so the change of pace between tours would feed your mind, rejuvenate your body, and replenish your creativity..

You also express yourself so well, I'd like to quote you in my blog or eventually the book.

Please see me at

Kathy said...

yay...Grey's Anatomy(haha). yeah I would get bored too.

swc lover said...

my mom says that to me !!!!! i just go in my room and put in a cd and dance around until come back to the real world and see what a bad dancer i am!!!! ;)))