Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fav Documentaries

I've watched a few great documentaries over the past year. Here are the ones I thought were the best:

1. The End of Suburbia

- Explores the questionable future of our fossil-fuel dependent society in the face of declining oil production.

2. Who Killed The Electric Car

- Documents the engineering, production, promotion, and subsequent mandatory recall and destruction of the GM EV1 electric car during the 1990's.

3. BBC Presents Global Dimming

- Discusses the little-heard-of phenomenon of Global Dimming, which may be masking the true severity of our global warming problem.

4. Planet Earth

- A Discovery Channel film featuring amazing footage of the earth, its ecosystems, and wildlife. The footage really is amazing.... Pretty awe-inspiring.

5. Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out

- Stewart Copeland, drummer of The Police, created this documentary with Super 8 footage compiled during the band's career. It's a fascinating look into this band.

That's my list for now. Each of these documentaries is fascinating for different reasons... The last two are a bit more uplifting than the first three.... But there's lots of interesting stuff in all of them!


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Jenny said...

i like the police.

.. hahaha