Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Article: 10 Ways To Improve Your Tone!

Hey Guitarists!

I wanted to write a little article about some of the things I've learned about guitar tone from some of my friends and heroes over the years... Every time we've gone on tour with another band, or gone into the studio, I've had the opportunity to watch and learn from the people around me, and I've adopted some habits that I think have made a big difference in my tone.

Some of this information is really basic, and some is more advanced.... All of it is just a set of general guidelines. Remember, there are no rules here! Some of the best guitarists are people that have broken from traditional methods, so don't be afraid to experiment, and see what you like!

10 Ways To Improve Your Guitar Tone!

1. Style and Gear Choice
2. String Gauges.
3. Gain (Overdrive, Distortion)
4. Drop-Tunings
5. Tuning, Intonation, & Setup
6. Watch that G-String
7. Clean Signal Path
8. Keep It Simple Stupid
9. Mr. Speaker
10. The Understated Kings of Rock




SwissGirl said...

hey how are u??? I am that crazy girl who meet yall at Winterfest at Liberty!!!(Will's Cousin)! Ok well I LOVE UR NEW ALBUM it rocks!!! and I am soooo sad i couldnt make it to Winter Jam in Roanoke:( Thanks soooo much for what u do it means alot to me! Do yall think ur gonna go to Winterfest 2009-2010 (ik its early but just wondering)


Flash said...

Thanks for posting this, I really needed these tips. G is a crazy string. It's awesome and it can really be a bummer.
Thanks fellow guitarist. =)

Doug said...

Killer write up by the way bro!