Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Night of Rock&Worship Tour

Tonight we played in Billings, Montana.... For the first show of this new tour. We had a great show.... We'd never played Billings before, so it was fun to play in a new town.

Mercy Me's show is fantastic. I think this is going to be a great tour for us... I'm looking forward to getting to know all the folks on the tour.

Tomorrow we've got a day off, and then we're playing Seattle. We're looking forward to seeing a ton of you there!


- Taken at 1:25 AM on March 18, 2009 - iPhone upload by ShoZu


Grace said...

i can't wait to see you guys in Portland! =D

Ida said...

i can't wait to see Hawk at Creation.. Haha.... its seems like it will be forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

graciegirl said...

i wanna come to another one of your shows!

K[R!ot] said...

can't wait to see you in Michigan
again on April 17th ;D.

so so excited ;D.
maybe I'll make cookies again.
ha who knows

Elizabeth said...

I'm SOO mad! I was REALLY wanting to go to the R&W roadshow, but we leave for vacation the 21st, only one day off of seeing the concert!!I'm trying to convince myself that God has a reason, but it's still kinda hard, because I REALLY wanted to come see you guys, it's been all over the radio. I hope you guys have a grea tshow even if I cant see ya!

christena said...

i was gonna go to the East Lansing one, but i don't think i can anymore :( but, you guys will apparently be at Canada's Wonderland around the time i will be on vacation around that same area... so i might go to that one. i mean, that would be amazing to see you guys play a show really close to your hometowns!!!

sarajeanne said...

you have NO idea how excited i was that you boys came to billings!

..out of the 5 hawk concerts i've been to,
this may have been one of my favorites :)

i'm just super bummed that i forgot to grab my fox run cd for you to sign! time i'll remember it :)