Friday, March 20, 2009

Roadshow - Seattle

Today we were in Seattle, Washington... It was great to be back in this city which feels so much like a second home to me. I spent 5 weeks here in 2005 when we were recording "Smile, It's the End of the World", and I got to explore the city quite a bit at that time.

Today Dan and I walked downtown with our friend Ryan, who had never seen the Pike's Place Public Market before. It's a pretty amazing place, with TONS of fresh fruits, fresh fish, delis, bakeries, and so much more. The very first starbucks is also there, so of course we stopped in.

All said and done, we probably walked a few miles... I absolutely love the Pacific NorthWest, and it would not surprise me if I found myself living here someday. We'll see, I guess....

Tomorrow, Boise, Idaho!

- Taken at 12:27 AM on March 20, 2009 - iPhone upload by ShoZu


Jenny said...

i want to go there
and go to the first stabucks. haha.
yeah i remember that in your older blogs, and the house from sleepless in seattle? haha.

Christine said...

i live in oregon and i DON'T love it.
haha i want california baby xD

Mollie said...

LOVE this. washington is my mom's home and i wouldn't be too sad if i ended up back there some day either!

Ida said...

yeah i totally agree about the pacific coast.. i'm thinking san diego, california; vancouver, washington... i love those places!!

what's all this stuff on your site about upgrade now/photoshop? because i can hardly read the text....

Grace said...

i love Seattle, but i hardly ever go there which stinks.
i think some of the girls in my youth group worked at the Compassion stand at the concert yesterday.